Please Allow Server Password Fill in Browsers

So many servers these days have web management UIs. It is frustrating to either have to classify my server as a web login (when I use the same credentials to SSH or during local command sessions) or keep two entries for the same machine. I should be allowed to use my logins in web forms. There is even a standard "Admin Console URL" field exactly for this but the server entry still doesn't show if I actually go to that URL to log in.

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  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Hey @yippy3000 !
    What kind of servers are we talking about? My QNAP NAS's login page works well with 1Password, but my Synology doesn't. Of course it all depends on how that login form is built - that is crucial for 1Password's autofill logic.

    The easiest way to give you a good answer is if we can test it ourselves, so I recommend sending us a support ticket with a link to such a server (or a demo server) so we can play with the login page and understand the problem, maybe it is possible to edit the login in 1Password manually and fix the saved web form details to match the login page. it's all guessing unless we can try it ourselves. :)

    If I misunderstood the problem, please describe it in details (step by step preferably) and add screenshots if possible.

  • You do misunderstand. I am talking about the 1Password Category of “Server” is not even available

    1) open 1Password App
    2) Hit + to make a new entry
    3) Select the Category of “server”
    4) Fill our username, password and admin console URL
    5) Go to browser. The new Entry will never show up in the browser extension as the entire category seems to be blacklisted from the browser extension. It won’t ever show as an auto fill suggestion and I can’t even search for it within the extension menu

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

    Team Member

    Hey @yippy3000! Apologies for any misunderstanding here. You're right that Server items stored in 1Password aren't available for purposes of Autofill. I can pass along your feedback here. In the meantime, two suggestions I might have are to indeed create separate items, as you mention, but then link them as Related Items so you can navigate quickly between the two if need be, and the other suggestion would be to make use of drag-and-drop, if you're using 1Password 7 for Mac or 1Password X.

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