How can I view documents within 1password without having to download each item first to my desktop?

I've put a series of documents in my 1password, but each time someone needs to view the doc, it has to first download to our computers. That seems counter intuitive as I'm trying to make my computer more secure. Is there another way to put documents in 1password that doesn't require a download to view?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @shunt,

    Documents have to be downloaded / cached on the device in order for them to be decrypted and viewed.

    That seems counter intuitive as I'm trying to make my computer more secure.

    I'm not sure I follow. Ultimately the weak link in the chain is the trustworthiness of your device. If the device is compromised there is little 1Password is going to be able to do to protect your data. For example, if you have malware installed that is capable of recording your screen it may simply record the Document when you view it, regardless of if that Document is actually cached on the device or not.


  • Sure, but if someone was able to gain access to my computer, they wouldn't see any of my logins/passwords because there's an additional master password to open my 1password (which is clearly better than storing passwords in a Word document).
    But when sensitive documents stored in 1password have to be downloaded to view them, they essentially are leaving the safe, password-protected ecosystem that is 1password. I just wish there was a way to view things without downloading them.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @shunt,

    You always have the option to delete the cached copy of a document immediately after viewing it, if you prefer.

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