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Hello, I just converted to the (cloud) platform. Is it possible to make a second vault that uses a different password to get into it? And would someone also need my master pw to get to it?

My usecase would be to have a vault that is only accessible for an emergency (eg to get access to my bank accounts, lockbox, etc) with a password that I leave in my will (depressing, I'm sure this sounds, just planning).

Thanks in advance.

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  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    Hi @dockt

    That is not possible within a membership, no. All vaults are protected by the same Master Password. After all, it's called 1Password, not 2Password or 3Password, right? :)

    Normally what we suggest in this case is to leave a copy of your Emergency Kit in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box or in-trust with an attorney so that your family can access it in case something were to happen to you.

    If you absolutely only want them to be able to access certain passwords and were planning to use 1Password with your Family, you could make use of a Family membership to get the outcome that you wanted. You could either make a separate family member within the account which could, naturally, have a different Master Password and Secret Key, place in that member's vault only the things you wanted to share and provide that member's Emergency Kit as suggested above. Or you could do similarly with a Guest member if you didn't want to take up a full member slot to do this and give the Guest member access to a vault containing those items.

    Hopefully this helps. :)

  • This is very helpful, thank you. What is the difference between a family and guest member?

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    Family members have their own private vault as well as the option to create vaults of their own. You can also appoint them as a Family Organizer allowing them to recover accounts for other family members if any of y'all forget your Master Password.

    Guests, on the other hand, are more limited. They don't get a private vault and only get access to the single vault you choose to share with that particular guest. I'm actually a huge fan of guests as they help with allowing limited-time access to items as well. To give an example, we have a "public" PC that's hooked up to our TV. It's essentially our replacement for having cable. When my partner and I are on vacation, we often have someone looking after the house and our pets – whether a pet sitting service or my parents. I want these folks to be able to watch Netflix, get on our wifi, and have access to our emergency contact information as well as that for our vet. So, I set up that "public" PC with a guest 1Password account and I put everything I want our house/petsitters to have access to in a vault I share with that guest. I leave them the Master Password for that vault and they can use everything there while we're away. Once we get home, I change that Master Password and change the passwords in that vault and we're good to go.

    Both additional family members and guests are pretty handy and I think either could work for your use-case. It just depends on how you prefer to manage things. :chuffed:

  • @dockt

    There is a way to create a new vault even with a 1Password cloud membership - however, the vault will remain local (it won't be synchronised to the 1Password cloud).

    If you want the vault available via the cloud you'd have to create a standalone vault, upload it to a newly-created Dropbox account (just for this purpose) and then provide the Dropbox password and 1Password master password to your emergency contact. All they'd need is the 1Password free mobile app.

    Click on the 1Password menu and you can create a new standalone vault with it's own password.

    Does this help?

  • Great information, I’ll sink my teeth into it. Thank you so much!

  • brentybrenty

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    Not something we recommend, since confusion often arises from having data in different kinds of vaults in different places, since then you could find yourself in the position of losing your device and then wondering why some stuff is missing when you sign into your account on a new one, Spoiler: it would be gone for good unless you backed it up yourself. :(

    A guest account has the benefit of being recoverable: if you forget the credentials, an admin in your family/team can help you go through recovery. I can't stress that benefit of 1Password accounts enough. The only thing that is perhaps more critical is automatic offsite backup and item history. Please consider that! :blush:

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