Huge Regression In Mini Keyboard Navigation Performance In Latest Beta (7.3-b14)

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When the new mini launched I was ecstatic because it was BLAZING FAST! 🔥 I even added a comment here praising you all for how amazing the new, simpler, mini was.

However this recent beta has taken a huge step backwards. The keyboard navigation of the lefthand panel feels much more like the "old new" mini. Where, even though I have my key repeat rate set to its highest level, the scrolling when I hold down the cursor keys is extremely slow.

I can't remember exactly but I believe that you all changed that you are now waiting to refresh the details panel before the keyboard navigation is allowed to go to the next item. This is 100% incorrect. The rendering of the details should be asynchronous or be delayed by about 100-200ms to see if another key is going to be pressed. For mouse users this is going to be barely noticeable but for keyboard navigators this is detrimental to workflow.

However, it's not just that, the rendering of the details panel is far slower. If I just press (for example) "down right" to go to the next item in the list, then focus over to the details, the delay is unbearable. It may be that this is alllllllll related to the changes made to navigating the lefthand panel, but I just wanted to give you all another use case to look out for.

The other thing that makes this feel like the "old new" mini is the "elastic" feel of the navigation when you hold the key down (again mine is set to the fastest it can go) and then you stop and go the other direction. It takes a second for mini to realize you changed directions and continues going in the opposite direction for a bit. This isn't nearly as bad as the "old new" mini where it would move by dozens of items before realizing you were going the other direction, but it's still wrong.

I just wanted to voice this here. I think I'm probably one of the more vocal keyboard navigators on the forums and I wanted to make sure this was brought to your attention sooner rather than later.

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  • jfelchnerjfelchner
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    And for the record, up until this beta, the new mini has been an absolute joy to use. I hated the "old new" mini (as I think I've made clear in past posts 😉) but this one has been amazing. It still has bugs, but the bugs are relegated to things like editing which is a far less common thing to do in mini and is mainly something to be done in the full app.

    I just want to make sure we don't start regressing on the very common use cases.

  • jfelchnerjfelchner
    edited May 18

    Sorry to keep spamming, but it seems as though the performance regressions extend to search as well. Keyboard search delays of the results are significantly slower than in the previous beta.

    I believe this also has to do with trying to perform the search before waiting a slight delay to see if a subsequent keyboard press happens. So searches end up "stacking". If I press "g", then I wait and press "o", then I wait and press "o", then I wait and press "g", each individual keypress is decently fast (or so it appears, I'm just eyeballing it), but when I type "goog" really fast, the UI response is choppy.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    @jfelchner You're absolutely right. We've filed an issue and will figure out what's going on.

    ref: apple-3707

  • @MrRooni you all rock my socks. :)

  • @MrRooni actually I just downloaded the latest beta and everything is back to being BLAZING FAST 🔥


    Thanks for the quick fix.

  • Correction. Scrolling is fast. Searching is still pausing on every keystroke.

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    Thanks for reporting that the scrolling is fixed and that the searching isn't.

  • @rudy thank you!

    Ideally it seems like there should be a way to have the new keystroke cancel the current search immediately and start a new one so that there's no delay in any cases, but putting some sort of 200ms delay after keypress but before starting the new search should suffice for most speed typing and wouldn't be noticeable to most anyone else.

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    We believe we've improved this substantially, we'll be building a new beta shortly for you to take a look at.

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    7.3.BETA-18 is up.

  • @rudy significantly better ;) Enjoy the long weekend! And thanks for the shout out in the release notes. 😂

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member

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