Inconsistent data between 1PW application and browser plugin

Weird issue. When trying to log into a secure website, I can successfully use the addin for FF, locate my credentials, and log in correctly. However, when I use the Win application directly, I cannot even locate the credentials that I just used for the website using the addin. I can't locate the credentials using the search feature, and cannot find the credentials when browsing the list.

One of the things I do when saving credentials is to include in the name of the logon my actual logon ID. In the case mentioned above, the logon ID is a specific string of numbers, which is unique across all logons, so it should be easy to search for using the standalone application. For example, I could have a logon ID like "UserID (123456)" for site Using the browser addon, if I navigate to, "UserID (123456)" is found and I can log in just fine. However, when I use the standalone app, I cannot even locate this record at all, either via searching for 123456, or by browsing.


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