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I have had a personal 1Password account for a year or so, has been working great.
I also got my partner onboard the 1Password bandwagon and set her up an account.

I often do her banking/bills for her so I added her personal 1Password account as a 2nd account to my Mac's existing 1Password installation which already had my personal 1Password account setup. This is not a family share/team share or anything like that, 2 seperate accounts, 2 seperate bills, 2 seperate Master Passwords, 2 seperate email addresses.

I have now found that by entering my Master Password (the originally setup 1Password account on my Mac), I can "automatically" unlock her database/account. I was not expecting this behaviour and am now wondering exactly what's going on in the background. I have seen your Support Document that suggests having both "work" and "home" accounts set to the same Master Password. But this situation is different and I do not wish to have them the same, and I do not wish to have the 2 accounts "intertwined" in any way.

I can only guess something like this is happening:
---A: Her encryption keys changed to allow either my Master Password as well as her original Master Password?
---B: Her Master Password is "stored" somewhere within my 1Password account? (I have looked and cannot see anything obvious)
---C: Her Master Password is "stored" somewhere within my Mac?

Based on the above, can you advise:

  • If option A, Have I entered into some kind of "team"/"family" setup unwillingly where the other account can be used to "reset" a forgotten Master Password? Personally I despise this feature.
  • If option A, If I remove the account will the encryption keys be changed back?
  • If option B/C, how/where can I see this saved info, can it be removed?

I'm sure I'll have a bunch of other questions based on the replies I get.

Thanks again.

1Password Version: 7.2.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.14.4
Sync Type: 1Password Account


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Rhy98901

    There is a little magic going on under the hood here. I believe this post addresses your question (and perhaps others that may be generated as a result). Please let us know if there is anything not addressed there. :+1:


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