We need Face ID

The android phone user, want to access to 1P via Face not fingerprint.
Do you plan on changing the way to authenticate?

1Password Version: 7.1.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Huawei EMUI 9.0.0
Sync Type: Membership Sync


  • The fact is, facial identification on Android platforms is not yet to the security level it is on Apple's iPhones. Even the top developers and manufacturers in the Android world, such as Samsung, acknowledge this. For example, you cannot unlock Samsung Pay with anything other than a PIN or a fingerprint. Facial recognition on that platform is not secure enough.

    As goes the security available to unlock your credit card for payment, so will go 1P. I guess they could allow anything to unlock it, but they won't. Master password or fingerprint biometrics, that's all the true security available to the Android user today.

    Do you have a phone that uses fingerprint? My last couple of Samsungs do that very well with 1P. I was so glad to see integration with Android when Android 8 came about, and now it's very seamless. All I have to do is provide my fingerprint scan.

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    While security is going to be the #1 concern when it comes to whether or not we implement a specific feature -- especially one that's so intimately tied to security in the first place -- a close #2 is having tools to do it.

    Similar to what we have today with facial recognition on Android, I remember when there were a few vendors rolling their own fingerprint support. It was a mess of proprietary hardware and software, which wasn't even consistent between devices by the same manufacturer. If Google hadn't come along with Nexus Imprint as a standard, we might have never supported fingerprint unlock on Android, because it wasn't possible to support fingerprint unlock on Android: it would have had to be done on a per-device basis, which is problematic for not only development, testing, and support, but also just researching the security, since that would need to be done for each -- and the individual vendors were also not very forthcoming with documentation like the white papers we see from Google and Apple regarding their implementations of these features.

    So for now it's pretty much a no-go, but if Google builds an Android-native facial recognition standard that will be worth considering both from the perspective of development and adoption, but also because they're really good about being open about their security model. :)

    In the mean time, fingerprint unlock is available on nearly all recent devices, and it's both secure and convenient:

    Use your fingerprint to unlock 1Password on your Android device

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