[Feature Request] - site specific password generator recipe

First, I love 1Password.
Second, if I wasn't clear; 1Password is awesome!!!

Now... When I periodically go thru and update passwords, I often get stuck when my default password recipe contradicts the requirements/limitations of a particular site's password requirements.
I propose, as an advanced feature, since less than savvy users might be confused is:
Allow defining a site specific recipe so generated passwords will work without modification.
Example.. my password recipe
xyz.com allows me to use any password with a minimum of 8 characters; great, my default password recipe will work fine.
however, efg.com says I have to limit the password to 16 characters and use only symbols in the set of "*%#,.;()" excluding the double quotes.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @mlfinusa

    Thanks for the kind words! So glad to hear you're getting good value from 1Password. As for your suggestion... That is a situation we'd like to do better with. One of the difficulties we find is that sites can (and do) change their password requirements without any notice. You may end up in a situation where they have changed and now the saved recipe doesn't meet the requirements (putting you back where you are now), or worse, if they start allowing more secure passwords (longer, more special characters, etc) you may continue generating less secure passwords for that site because that is what is saved in the recipe. I don't think those are necessarily insurmountable challenges but they are the kinds of things we have to consider when thinking of building something like this.

    In short: it is a problem we'd love to solve, but I don't think there is any consensus yet as to the best way to solve it. It is something we're looking at. :)



  • jpgoldbergjpgoldberg Agile Customer Care

    Team Member

    Hello @mlfinusa. Thank you.

    There are even more complications and difficulties with this than what Ben pointed out

    • Sites' stated password requirements are often vague
    • Sites' stated requirements on a page don't actually match their actual requirements
    • Sites may have different requirements on different pages (such as a registration page and a password change page)
    • Sites change these without notice (as Ben pointed out)

    There is some collaborative work aiming to get better data on what sites actually require so that we can move in the direction. Previous attempts to do this have failed, but maybe we will have better luck the next time around.

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