3 fields for login on both Hyatt website & American Airlines website

At Hyatt's website, it requires 3 fields to login. How do we setup 1Password to work with these 3 fields?

American Airlines has the same problem.

We don't know how to get 1Password to work on either of these websites.

Any ideas on how to make this work?

Thanks! :)

1Password Version: 6.8.8 Mac App Store
Extension Version: 4.7.3
OS Version: macOS 10.14.5
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member
    edited May 30

    Hi there @scotty321. Great question! You can actually manually save a login for these pages and 1Password will fill all the fields correctly going forward. We've got a nice support document here: How to save a Login manually in your browser

    I just tested it for both of these sites and it worked like a dream.

  • Nope, I tried these steps 4 different times to manually save a brand new login for the Hyatt website, and it still doesn't work on the Hyatt website. Haven't even tried it on the AA website yet.

    I went to the Hyatt website, filled in all 3 of the login fields, then MANUALLY saved a new login for that page BEFORE logging into that page.

    It "sort of" looks like 1Password remembered the information, because when I go into 1Password and choose to "Show Web Form Details", it shows me my last name in a field called "last_name".

    However, when trying to autofill on the Hyatt website, 1Password gets it all wrong. 1Password leaves the username completely blank, and 1Password puts my username into the Last Name field.

    I tried this on Chrome on a Mac, so it definitely doesn't work with that combination.

  • Greetings @scotty321,

    I thought I knew why @MrRooni's suggestion didn't help. He most likely tested with 1Password 7 whilst the version of 1Password you supplied was 1Password 6 and we've had a lot of filling code changes go into 1Password 7. I went back and tested 1Password 6 though and after manually saving a Login item I found it filled all three fields. In fact no test I've tried so far has failed so I'm at a bit of a loss to explain why it isn't working for you.

    Here is what I've been trying.

    1. Load https://world.hyatt.com/ in my browser.
    2. Access the sign-in form.
    3. Filled the three fields and saved a Login item as per the page @MrRooni linked to.
    4. Reloaded the page and accessed the sign-in form.
    5. Instructed 1Password to fill using the Login item saved in step 3.

    Your previous post did strongly suggest you saved an entirely new Login item rather than attempted to update an existing one but can I confirm that please. The update existing option that exists in 1Password for Mac only updates the stored password and @MrRooni and myself were testing with a completely new Login item during our own tests.

    I know American Airlines has been a thorn in our side in the past and that may require some tinkering to get 1Password 6 to work properly there but with the Hyatt site it looks like things should work with no tweaking. I can't think why we're not seeing similar results for that one.

  • scotty321scotty321
    edited June 10

    Yes, I already took all of those steps, and yes, this was creating a BRAND NEW LOGIN FROM SCRATCH.

    Still doesn’t work at all.

    That’s fine, I don’t really care, I’ll just copy and paste in everything manually.

    Would just be nice for 1Password to somehow be able to work with these trickier, non-standard websites.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Would just be nice for 1Password to somehow be able to work with these trickier, non-standard websites.

    1Password does work with sites like this one, as both MrRooni and littlebobbytables tested and confirmed.

    One thing that might be worth trying on your end is to use 1Password version 6.8.9. I noticed that you are using version 6.8.8 instead, which is one update behind, so while I am not sure if it actually will make a difference when it comes to this specific issue, perhaps it's worth trying to update it and see if this helps.

  • Updated to 6.8.9 and it still doesn’t work, so obviously it doesn’t always work.. That’s really great that the internal employees of 1Password can get it to work, but it’s not working for your customer out in the real world. Do you guys need me to create a video of my screen to show the entire process (that I followed verbatim), and how it fails?

  • I have also just tried this multiple times on American Airlines' website, and it does not work for me either. If I save it manually from the main page, it does save a "lastName" field; however, it does NOT fill it in automatically. Oddly, if I go to the login page linked up top and try to save it manually, it does NOT save the "lastName" field like it does when saving from the main page. Regardless, 1Password never autofills the 3 login fields on any page even when the lastName field is stored in the login record.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @nukesean - sorry for the trouble. Can you tell us:

    1. What specific version of 1Password for Mac you're using
    2. What specific version of macOS you're running
    3. What specific version of 1Password extension, in which specific version of which browser?

    Thanks. :)

    (for what it's worth, although as littlebobbytables metioned, we've had troubles intermittently with AA over time as they've changed the function of their Login page, I can currently get this to work flawlessly in 1Password for Mac 7.3 and Safari 12.1.1 on macOS 10.14 (“Mojave”) 10.14.5).

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @scotty321 - confirming both mrrooni and littlebobbytables' experience here; on both 7.3/Mojave and 6.8.9/El Capitan, I can use the Save Manual Login instructions to save a Login item for both American Airlines and Hyatt's sites that will reliably fill in all three fields.

    That doesn't mean I don't believe you're experiencing what you say you are, but it does mean that it's likely to be something specific to your system. Do you have any content blockers turned on in your browser currently? If so, can you try disabling them (actually, disable ALL extensions besides 1Password for a moment) and try it again? Re-save a Login item using the manual save method, then restart your browser and try filling. Let us know how you get on.

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