Isn't it getting too bloated?

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I've been a faithful user ever since you launched on iPhone. I even got a subscription, despite the fact that Dropbox sync was perfectly adequate for my needs.

However, I just feel that 1P is becoming more iTunes-y with every new version you guys bring out. There are still "legacy" login fields in your templates, there's still not an option for a 100% CUSTOM template for us to create based on our needs, we cannot edit EVERYTHING on our iOS devices, and there are cases where we can't fully edit out details even on the Mac/PC/Web version.

Example: my Adobe login has saved form details that display on iOS, but not on Mac/Web. So how am I supposed to delete them? And they're some useless fields like:

What the heck is that guys? Do I have to revert to storing my passwords as secure notes? Do I have to follow the guide and recreate ALL my passwords from scratch? And what will happen the next time I change a password? Those garbage fields will get repopulated; I tried it.

As much as I like you apps, sorry but it's high time you performed some heavy spring cleaning. Maybe you should have a couple members build a new app from scratch, with bare-bones functionality and build on that. Please, don't give the standard reply "we are working on it" / "we are a small team", etc. You USED to be a small team, and now YOU dominate the password-keeping app ecosystem.

If Apple has the [redacted, please see Forum Rules and Reminders] to split the millions of code lines of iTunes in separate apps, maybe you should clean-up your app too.
I don't mean to sound like a [redacted, please see Forum Rules and Reminders], but 1P is now getting in my way instead of helping me with my daily routines as it used to.

1Password Version: Mac: 7.3, iOS: 7.3.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.14, iOS 12
Sync Type:


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    Welcome to the forum, @Efthymis! Thanks for the feedback. It's a bit odd to hear, because a constant focus of ours is resisting the temptation to "just add a toggle/checkbox/option/preference/feature." Avoiding "bloat" is a key focus of ours; we try very hard to concentrate on what the core features of 1Password are -- saving and filling passwords and logins, encryption. In fact, the 7.3 update itself was primarily a focus on simplifying the 1Password mini in large part as a result of user feedback.

    There actually IS a custom template available for 1Password Business customers who are willing to turn on beta features; it's being actively developed there and, while it's limited to that particular tier of service, I imagine as time progresses that feature will likely make its way to 1Password Families and individual 1Password accounts once it's been more thoroughly road-tested.

    The fields you mention seeing in Saved Form Details are part of the page that's captured when you allow 1Password to save a login for you. Sometimes, they're not necessary and infrequently they're even a hindrance on less-well-coded sites. But much more often, those fields are critical to making sure the Login item is saved fully and properly in a way that allows 1Password to do the subsequent job of filling. That's why we recommend people use the browser extension to save login credentials. Also, for what it's worth, this isn't new to the 7.3 update; it's been that way for...well, longer than I can put my finger on an exact starting point.

    Please, don't give the standard reply "we are working on it"

    I'm not sure what else to reply with that would satisfy you, but in this particular case, we're not working to remove saved form details. If it's bugging you that the site's details have changed and some of these fields are no longer applicable, I'd only suggest re-saving the item if 1Password's saving and/or filling mechanism simply doesn't work at all (or doesn't work properly) for a given site. If you run across such sites where 1Password just doesn't work to automatically save or properly fill your credentials, by all means feel free to let us know in the Saving and Filling In Browsers forum; we're more than happy to make changes as necessary. Hope that helps! :)

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