For a good part of today I have been trying to understand the downloading of the new 1Password 7 for windows, (wish it was easier to follow), and failed with the PC, so thought I would try the iPad4 to see if it was easier. Low and behold, I got to the point when the iPad was showing me ( Reticulating Spines), so it looked like it had found something and was downloading my old info from 1Password 4 from 2014.

After over 3 hours checking that the little downloading wheel was still spinning, which it was, and sending a couple of e-mails to ask if such a long time was normal (no replies), I took another look at the PC.

Low and behold, it looked as if the PC had actually added my old info and was working, but(still have to check a few more things to make sure.

I came away from the iPad, which was still showing that it was doing something magical with Spines, and apparently noyt. That was a waste of time.

Tried going into my iPad again and that has the old 1Passwrd 4 and has not done anything, but cant see what to do next. I yet to have tried my Android Samsung 5, so have more fun and games to follow.

Is anyone able to check my account/system to see just where I am please ?

Surely everyone cant be a dum as me on this?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    I see one of my teammates has been working with you via e-mail, @Alex161, and particularly given the length of the conversation y'all have had thus far, I think it's best if we continue the conversation there to avoid any duplication of effort. I can see that your recent e-mails have been received and are in front of the right people, so please be patient with us and we'll look through things and get back to you as quick as possible. :chuffed:

    ref: MPF-99427-988

  • Just lost it all on my PC. Why cant it be easy? Waiting ..................

  • GregGreg

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    Hi @Alex161,

    It is Greg again. We've been talking with you via email after another issue that you had with 1Password 4.

    To avoid any further confusion, let's continue our conversation there. I will reply to you a little bit later. Thank you! :+1:


  • Still looking for answers. You asked a question yesterday and I answered as best I could, then sent screen shots as requested but nothing since. Please come back to me as soon as you can as I am anxious to get the problems with PC, iPad and phone sorted out and synced correctly.

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    I know this can be frustrating, @Alex161, but please try to be patient and keep things in one place. I understand it's difficult waiting and I'd get anxious too, but when you're sharing information and posting multiple places, it not only means that Greg might not see something important because it ended up outside of your existing conversation, it means others are taking time to reply to you here rather than helping our other customers. Greg has been working on this with you for a while. He's familiar with the situation and is much better suited to continue working towards your end goal than the rest of us who haven't had the benefit of your ongoing conversation.I'm going to close this so you and Greg can continue via email to avoid confusion and duplication of effort. Greg is notified when you reply and will follow up with you as quickly as he's able. :smile:

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