"Manager" Not being able to make changes

We have users that are set as "Manager" on a few Groups and vault and they started complaining that they can no longer make changes to their group and vault.
Only "Team Admin" are being able to do it at the moment.
Looking at their screenshot, they no longer have the "Group" menu on the left.
Anyone going through this issues?

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, @marcelo_froes! I'm sorry for the trouble some of your Managers are having. Can you clarify what screenshot you mean in which they don't see a "Group" menu on the left?

    Looking at our own setups here, this doesn't appear to be a problem that's affecting users globally (else we'd likely also have a lot more email and forum posts about it), but so far that's not the case. If you're an administrator or owner of the account, can you tell me whether, for the vaults accessible to these specific groups, the "Manage" permission is turned on?

    If you haven't specifically enabled that (or someone with Admin or Owner-level permissions hasn't), then even though they are managers of the group, they will not see the "gear" menu icon at the left of the vault on their home screen:

    If that permission isn't on or has been turned off, you might see the result I think you're describing. Can you let me know?

  • john_mjohn_m

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    Hi @marcelo_froes! Welcome to the forum :smile:

    As you've reached out to us via email, and we'll need to discuss the specifics of your account setup, I'll continue to chat with you via email instead of here.



  • We're seeing the same issue. Received several reports in the last couple of days from group Managers saying they can no longer manage their group(s). Whereas they used to see a "Groups" section in the menu on the right hand side (browser app), that is gone now.
    Our entire 1Pwd management setup is based on those Manager permissions, so this issue affects on- and off-boarding.

    This is unrelated to vault permissions. Only talking about group management permissions.

    What has changed?

  • john_mjohn_m

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    Hi @pminne! There was a recent design change to the sidebar, which has unintentionally resulted in the "Groups" view no longer showing up for non-owner/administrator members; our team here are investigating and will address the issue with a future update. In the meantime, as a workaround you can send direct links to the group management views to the relevant group managers as follows:

    1. As an account owner or administrator, open your browser and sign into the account
    2. Click on "Groups" in the sidebar, and then click on the group a non-owner/administrator needs to manage to go to its management page
    3. Copy the address from your browser's address bar, and send it to the non-owner/administrator group manager

    They can use that address to sign into the account directly to the management page for the group; I hope that helps, please let me know how you get on, or if there's anything else I can do for you in the meantime.

  • Ok, thanks John for the quick reply and suggesting a workaround. Hoping for a quick fix though.

  • john_mjohn_m

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    No problem @pminne! Don't worry, our team is working on it - let me know how you get on :+1:

  • JacobJacob

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    @marcelo_froes @pminne Just wanted to let you know that we've fixed this issue in the latest release of 1Password.com that came out today. People should now be able to sign in on 1Password.com and manage the groups as usual. :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

  • Thanks for the update and the quick fix Jacob.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    @pminne, on behalf of Jacob, you are very welcome!

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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