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I'm using 1P for many years, so I'm quite used to it. Though, I'm still not used to how AutoFill works. Especially why I'm not always presented with the same screen.

When I invoke 1P to look for an item (if not presented directly just above the keyboard), I may end up with no result. That's okay because maybe it's my fault (e.g. I manually entered a mistyped URL). But then why can I not always use search? I don't understand why sometimes I can search right from with that screen, sometimes I can't, sometimes I can create a new login, sometimes I can't, etc. It may also happen that I want to search some anything else, because I need an information stored in a note, for example.

Even for (see attached screenshot), why can't I use search here?
Can you explain the various ways AutoFill works?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @thibaut

    This basically all comes back to phishing protection. As an anti-phishing measure 1Password will only fill Login items into pages where the URL of the page matches one of the website fields on the item. If we allowed folks to search they would expect that they could fill whatever they found, which will not be the case. There are very few circumstances in which searching is offered within the filling UI. The only one I can think of off-hand is where you're attempting to fill within an app, and that app does not have an Associated Domain specified. Unfortunately without an Associated Domain we're unable to offer any phishing protection, so you can search for and fill any Login. This is not really a good thing. Ideally every app would have an Associated Domain, but unfortunately not all apps have updated to include one yet.

    I'm not aware of any circumstances where you wouldn't be able to save a new login. If you can find an example that might help explain.



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