1Password should be able to save edits in Draft state

Story: I am completely locked out of an account where I activated TOTP (2FA)

Issue: I used 1Password for Windows to generate the TOTP for me. I got a backup code from the website, which I pasted in the "notes" section in Password. So far so good. 2FA was enabled on the website.

The only thing is that I forgot to click "Save" for the 1Password entry and the TOTP link and the notes are not saved and forgotten. The website requires an OTP to login which I cannot generate anymore.

The problem would have been solved if 1Password had auto-saved my draft edits which I could restore.

Request: Please kindly implement auto-saves in draft mode.

1Password Version: 7+ (still can't copy paste version from About)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • GregGreg

    Team Member
    edited June 10

    Hi @msxtj,

    Thank you for reaching out! I am sorry you got locked out of your account because pf 1Password.

    In the future we will prompt you if you want to discard the changes you've made, this feature is on our priority list. E.g. see the similar discussion here.

    Hopefully, you will be able to restore your access. Let us know if you have any other questions, we are always ready to help you with 1Password.


    ref: opw/opw#1900

  • Hi @Greg , thanks for the response. I checked the thread you referred. They are indeed useful requests, ex, prompting to save with an accidental escape key.

    However, mine is slightly different. 1Password should keep auto-saving every change during an edit and " commit" the edits when save is clicked. If save is not clicked and power is lost and I need to reboot my machine, the draft data will still be there. I will see a banner on top saying that there are some contents in draft and whether I want to go back in edit mode and have my data there.

    This Forum has the draft mode implemented. The main product actually needs that feature.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    I just tested this myself, @msxtj – I edited an entry, added a one-time password, didn't save it, then quit 1Password. Upon starting and unlocking 1Password afterwards, my edits were saved. Did you actively cancel your edit or press esc? If no, what resulted in you navigating away from that item before saving, exactly? Based on what I've seen in my testing, we're effectively already doing what you're after here – if you lost power, as in your example, your edits would be saved. It sounds like we perhaps don't have quite the full story here and having a better understanding of precisely what went wrong may even allow recovery of that TOTP secret.

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