Multiple Accounts Being Problematic

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I can access both Instagram and Dominion Energy from my 1Password account on my computer running version 7.3 of 1Password. But I cannot access either of these accounts from my Android phone which runs version 7.1.5. Both accounts are linked and I use the same subscription with both of them, so the login information is the same. I recently changed my passwords to both Instagram and Dominion Energy to something more secure. When I use 1Password from my Android phone to access either of these accounts, I get a message that the password is incorrect.

I discarded the Instagram app from my phone, thinking it might be the problem. I will try reinstalling it. Any clues as to why these sites will not work from 1Password on the phone but work perfectly well from my computer?

I can tell you that the information is syncing correctly from one account to another. In other words, when I change my password within 1Password on my computer, the change is recorded almost immediately on the phone.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @glindsey!

    If you reveal the password for these accounts on your Android phone, can you confirm that it is the correct one? Also, do you get the same error message if you manually copy and paste this password on your phone when you login?

  • Yes and yes! I ended up having to contact customer service on both accounts to get the issue resolved. I believe it was a glitvh on their ends.

  • brentybrenty

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    It's hard to say, but one thing we encounter from time to time is that a website will seem to accept a password change but it silently truncates it, sometimes due to specific characters, other times just due to length. Anyway, glad to hear you were able to get it sorted! It can definitely be difficult to figure out.

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