Merging 2 vaults on Windows

I have been using 1Password for many years and synching it to a Dropbox folder. Recently I upgraded to 1Password 7 on Windows and have been using it since. Today I realized that when I installed it, I failed to enable synching to Dropbos. What I have now is a Vault named Personal that has 370 items and one Vault name 1Password (the one linked to Dropbox) with 350 items. How can I merge the 2 vaults avoiding duplicates or what other recommendations do you have?

I also could not find any .opvault file on my WIndows PC relating to my Personal vault.

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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    A Personal vault is part of a account, @majouz, and doesn't require that you sync to Dropbox. With a account, we actually handle sync for you. No Dropbox or OPVault required. To sync that vault to another device, just add your account to 1Password on that device and you'll be set. :chuffed:

    There isn't any way to merge two vaults, but that might not be needed in this case. Have you added new items or made changes to existing items since upgrading to 1Password 7? It sounds to me like you migrated your Dropbox-synced vault to, but did not remove the original vault so depending on what changes you've made (if any), the best choice may be to remove the old vault and use your Personal vault moving forward. :+1:

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