1Password main window becoming visible when not needed.

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I recently upgraded to the new 1Password (v.7.3). There are two instances when the main 1Password app suddenly appears where it didn't before.

  1. I open 1Password with my password. I hide the application. I then leave my computer for some time, long enough to require my to enter my password again. Open a web page, hit cmd-\ to enter the password. This causes both the popup password window (expected), but the main application becomes visible. Since I don't want it, I have to again hide the password. This is new behavior - the main window should not become visible until I switch to the application.

  2. Open 1Password, again entering the password to unlock and hide the application. Select 1Password icon from the menubar. Again, both the menubar window and the main application become visible. The main app should not appear in this case - I didn't call for it, and I have to go through the trouble to hide it again with extra keystrokes. The same applies to when typing cmd-\, even when unlocked, when there is no web page to enter a username/password.


1Password Version: v7.3
Extension Version: 7.2.6
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: iCloud


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @demitri! Welcome to the forum!

    From a quick test here, I could not reproduce this on my machine. If I click on 1Password Mini, or the 1Password browser extension, I only get one popup, but the desktop app remains where it is. So it's possible that I am following a different procedure than you.

    Can you please confirm what you mean by "hiding the application"? I would like to make sure I am following the same steps as you to see if I can reproduce this here.

  • Thanks for the quick reply! I uploaded an animated gif that shows what I'm trying. I rebooted my computer before recording this. What I mean by "hiding the application" is bringing the application to the front, then typing cmd-H to hide it.

    In the video, I open 1Password, the hide it.

    • In Safari, I type cmd-\ to get the login info. Two windows open - the main 1Password window and the one in the middle.
    • I again hide 1Password. This time, cmd-\ doesn't open the main window.
    • Next, I select 1Password from the menu bar. Again, the main window becomes visible, but in the background.
    • I hide it again.
    • Selecting it from the menu makes it visible again.

    Main points:

    • Selecting 1Password from the menu bar shouldn't make the main window visible in the background if it's hidden.
    • In the gif, typing cmd-\ makes the main window visible if you haven't unlocked 1Password. This happens after being away from the computer after some period of time.

    Another issue came up while testing (and has since 7.0) is that sometimes cmd-H has no effect on 1Password, i.e. I can't hide the application. I don't know how this is triggered, but once it is, the application is "stuck".

    Another detail: I have 1Password set to the "All Desktops" option from the Dock (cmd-click on app icon in Dock->Options.


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member


    Selecting 1Password from the menu bar shouldn't make the main window visible in the background if it's hidden.

    We agree. :) In our testing, however, this is very intermittent. For most of us, this isn't happening at all. For a couple of people, it's happened once or twice. We'll continue looking into these issues, and thanks for reporting. :)

    ref: apple-1157

  • Hi @Lars - I just wanted to update this comment. I continue to see this issue 100% of the time (and it's still frustrating). As a new data point, it only happens when using Safari. I don't see it at all with Firefox, and I don't have Chrome on my computer to test.

    I am on macOS 10.14.6 and Safari 12.1.2.

  • I was poking around with it again; it's possible to get to a state where the 1Password application cannot be hidden at all. Once in this state, even restarting the application doesn't help- it remains visible and can't be hidden. When this happens, only restarting can fix it.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    What version of the 1Password app are you currently running now?

    ref: dev/apple/issues/-/issues#1157

  • Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I'm running 7.4.3.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Another detail: I have 1Password set to the "All Desktops" option from the Dock (cmd-click on app icon in Dock->Options.

    Does this happen without that set? I don't see that option on my setup. Thanks for your continued efforts to help us track this issue down.


  • I changed it to "Assign to... None" and the window was still stuck "visible". I quit 1Password and restarted and was able to hide it this time. But when I made it visible again it became "stuck visible".

    I'm attaching a screenshot where the desktop setting is. When I have a chance to reboot I will try to come up with a reproducible recipe.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks @demitri. For now it sounds like this happens regardless of the assign to setting, then? Oddly, I don't have that option at all, though I do have multiple monitors, and in the Mission Control settings I do have Displays have separate Spaces enabled.


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