Wiped 2FA Device

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I recently had to wipe my iPhone XS (used as my 2FA device for 1password). I use Duo as my 2FA app, and it wasn't clear that I needed to backup this anywhere. Now I cannot log into 1password on my recently wiped/clean device.

I don't have any authenticated browsers that I can use to remove the 2FA from my account (I've never used a browser, only the macOS and iOS apps), and when I attempt to follow the directions here (https://support.1password.com/recovery/#begin-recovery) to recover my account using my wife's account, I don't see the "People" option in the sidebar. Granted she's not an admin currently, so this is likely the issue.

I saw this thread (https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/97557/lost-two-factor-auth-contact-support-1password-com-from-accounts-registered-email-address) and was hoping that someone could assist. I still have access to my account on my other devices (macOS, iOS), but I don't have any authenticated browser sessions where I can log in and disable 2FA.

I did send a note to support email via my registered email address, and my support ID is: #IDA-31156-594.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Sending an email was the right thing to do. The security-team can disable 2FA for your account after some security checks (this is only possible since 2FA has nothing to do with the encryption of your data).
    For the future you should consider at least one of the following possibilities:

    • Make your wife a family organizer so she can recover your account just in case (a great idea anyway)
    • Note down the 2FA Secret on your printed emergency kit
    • Use a code generator app that offers a backup-function (for example authy)
    • Reconsider if you really need 2FA for your account since it protects you only from a very narrow attack vector, namely only in cases where someone has access to your Masterpassword and Secret Key but not your local data cache.
  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @bartleyr! Welcome to the forum!

    I see that Trace has already helped you with this via email ;)

    Peacekeeper's suggestions are great by the way, to make sure that this doesn't happen again in the future :+1:

  • Yep, thanks @ag_ana! He did mention that it could take a couple of days for it to happen, but they’d be in contact. I suppose I could follow-up after a few days if I haven’t heard anything.

    Definitely. They’re on my list of first things to do after I get back into the account.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    @bartleyr: we send you an email once we have done everything, so you should definitely receive a confirmation ;)

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