New computer "knew" my account details

I just downloaded 1Password to a brand new computer. I opened it, expecting to have to use my recovery info to populate my account. However, it recognized my account details and just needed my master password. How, and why? Note: both old and new machines are Macs.

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OS Version: OS X
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    Welcome to the forum, @stepehen21password!

    MAGIC. 😁

    OK, not really. Frankly, good eye for even catching this and wondering how such a thing could be. But (presuming you're using the same iCloud account on both Macs), that will be the avenue by which your new Mac "knew" your Emergency Kit details and only required your Master Password. If you open Keychain Access (inside the Utilities folder in your Applications folder) and type "com.agilebits" into the search bar, you should see at least one item that looks like this:

    The "B5Credentials" is your giveaway (there can be other things in there with a com.agilebits identifier, such as old standalone licenses, etcc, but "B5Credentials" always refers to the non-Master Password details of an account, which are shared among any Apple devices on which you use the same Apple ID and have iCloud keychain turned on). As soon as you signed in with the same Apple ID into iCloud, this would've been among the details you downloaded, so that IF you decide to install 1Password, you're ready to go from the jump, needing only your Master Password.

    Like I said, magic. ;)

  • Makes sense, that was my guess but wanted to verify. Thank you.

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    :) :+1:

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