Trouble with multiple copies of 1Password installed and browser extensions


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    I started my day as I do any other, but things got weird fast.

    The interfaces for the browser extensions to 1P were different, and their behaviour was off, too.

    I could not populate log in fields any longer by clicking once.

    I went to the main app, and somehow I had managed to get two versions of the app running, very odd. A spasm of fear of being compromised passed, to be replaced by bewilderment at having a new version, 7, of 1P installed on my machine.

    An installation that had required no interaction of me with my computer to request, authorise or to acknowledge the installation.

    Which would be okayyyyyy, except this was not a free incremental upgrade, and the version provided did not allow me to edit records via the browser extension I realised, or through the main App.

    Demo-ware, but not -ware I had installed to remind everyone.

    Nor Demo-ware with any utility, to me at least. Perhaps too AgileBits, though that also is dubious.

    No problem, just roll it back.

    But, the first of many "buts" today, but I could not move it to the Trash.

    No. Not even having Quit all running versions of the app. Not after having Quit all browsers. Not even after a restart.

    Only be resorting to sudo -r 1Password\ via the Terminal could I delete the main app.

    I still had to reinstall all the browser extensions, too.

    No problem, right?

    Nah, not so much.

    The Safari extension for the 6.x version of 1P is right there, though navigating to the Downloads page on the now site is no longer front and centre.

    Finding things was a good part of what was not good today. That, and a wasted four hours and counting.

    Not so fast. What about the Google Chrome 1P extension?

    Well, "maybe it comes with the download of the installer for the main App?", I mused.

    No, no it's not there, either.

    It is not in the Google Chrome web store. It is not available from the Extensions manager for Chrome. So far I have not been able to find it.

    No, it isn't available using the link provided above by @devidave: (

    Along the way I have had endless loops of Chrome asking to pair with the main app, as described by others here.

    Maybe I should just post all the screen shots I took?

    So, I have my main App, 1P, working again. I do not appear to have wasted any time in terms of lost changes to all my Twitter passwords, which is what I was doing along with converting the logins to require 2FA, and adding some Yubikeys to various accounts, like my Admin account on Google Apps, when the fun started.

    But, the browser extension for Google Chrome is gone it seems, tho' small mercies, it does appear to work in Safari.

    Safari, the browser I have not used in six or more months.

    Mama said…

  • macOS Mojave
    10.14.5 (18F132)

    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome is up to date
    Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Version 12.1.1 (14607.

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    @jasper_lawrence: Can you clarify for my what you're trying to accomplish exactly? I'll be happy to help, but it isn't clear to me what you're trying to do, or the difficulty you're having doing it. Thanks in advance! :)

  • I am in touch with support, to no great effect to date. #NIT-57322-593

    I detail it well above.

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    It looks like Laura has been helping you via email. To avoid duplicating efforts, I'm going to close this thread. At this point Laura is awaiting your reply to her latest email.



  • I would rather you not close it

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    We're not going to be able to troubleshoot the same issue via multiple venues; sorry. Please keep in touch with Laura via email.


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