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I suggest to extend the list of entry types with some general "PIN Code" entry. I use 1Password to store pin codes of my different smart cards (e.g. GPG cards, various ID cards and phone SIM cards). I currently use "Password" type for that, but then the watchtower detects them as weak. There is no way to override this warning. And they are not really weak as those are not regular passwords, but PINs. Closest solution I see is the "Credit Card" type with its "PIN" field. But it is kind of miss use of it, since those are not really bank cards.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @marchukov: Can you clarify the use case? I really don't think we'll be adding an additional limited-use category to 1Password just for PINs, but I may be able to suggest something if I understand what you're trying to do. The only ones I can relate to off the top of my head are SIM cards, which I store in Secure Notes, and PINs for accounts, which I typically store with the account info in Memberships or Credit Cards. :)

  • Here are the use cases I have:

    1. SIM card. They usually have PIN and PUK. I see that Secure Note is ok for this, because you usually do not copy&paste the codes and type them manually into the phone.

    2. Government ID card. It comes with 3 secrets associated: PIN1 for authentication, PIN2 for electronic signatures and PUK to unlock the PINs in case they are blocked. Now I do need to enter this in the computer. E.g. I need to enter PIN1 into the password prompt each time I login to some government or other web site supporting ID-card authentication. Or I will need to enter PIN2 when signing a document electronically. For those PIN1 & PIN2 I like to have special handling like I get with "Password" entry that shows "Copy" action and "Reveal".

    3. Any other smartcard. E.g. I have Yubikey with my SSH key loaded and it has PIN and PUK. I do enter it sometimes into the password prompt when prompted. I also have PGP card at the same Yubikey that has PIN and A-PIN and I do enter those values into the password prompt.

    This can be generalized to some "Smart Card" type with PIN1/PIN2/PUK. Or it can be called "ID Card" with the same possible values PIN1/PIN2/PUK not to confuse the users. Those government-issued ID cards with a chip inside are quite common in Europe now. I would then use this type also for any other smart card as they are all essentially that.

  • brentybrenty

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    I like to have special handling like I get with "Password" entry that shows "Copy" action and "Reveal".

    @marchukov: Thanks for the info! You can add custom fields to any item and even set them to "password" type if you wish:

    Using custom fields also makes it easy to organize each piece of information to be able to quickly click it to copy too.

    Customize your 1Password items

    The only potential drawback of custom fields is that 1Password will never fill them for you, as it has no way of knowing their purpose.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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