Is there a generic item template?


i bought a few days ago 1Password Family Ed. and 1Password Pro for Iphone and IPad.

Sync is working good so far and FF Extension at Win (its just a little bit confusing that you have to reset DropBox Account if you change the MasterPW....)

The Main Problem is now e.g. my PostBox Card. Its like a EC or CC with pin (so you have access to a package safe in a PostOffice).
It doesn't have a routing number or bank account number .... So which wallet item should i use? member ship? (makes no sense), hunting license?....

Is there any chance to add some "General Wallet" items? with Name + Pin?


  • My advice is to use a Secure Note or a Generic Account for this.
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    Agreed. Generic Account is great for things that only have a username (or account number, etc.) and a password.

    Of course, most of the item types would work just fine. You'll not be looking at the type but the name. Empty fields are ignored, so you can pretty much use whatever you want. :)

    I hope that helps. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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    Thx for reply. Generic account is unavaible for wallet items isn'T it? So i had to put my physical Card into a non physical category. Wouldnt like this Solution.

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    You can also use a Wallet template if you prefer. It's really up to you. As I mentioned above, if all you need to store is an account number and password, pretty much any template will work.

    For what it's worth, there is no distinction between a "physical" item in 1Password and a "non-physical" item. It's all stored the same in 1Password: as encrypted 1s and 0s. ;)
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    i think you dont get my point. it is not a question about security or how its stored...

    Stay Organized

    1Password items like Logins, Secure Notes, Identities, and Software Licenses are easy to find in their own “vaults” in the upper left quadrant of the 1Password window.

    so if you a searching for a pin/password for a card in your wallet where do you would look? at logins or identities? definitly not... you would look in your category wallet
    so its a matter of to be "organized". and im missing the general template (name/pw like general login) in the category wallet. so i dont have to use a bank account template for a post box card.
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    Thanks for following up again! I certainly didn't think your request had anything to do with security. :)

    For now, if you need a "basic" or "generic" template (i.e., just username and password/PIN) in the Wallet category I would recommend the "Membership" template.

    We'll work to improve templates and categories in the future!

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