How can I use 1Password on a computer which 1P is not installed? Is there onetime password?

My work computer (Win10) is locked down and won't allow me to install browser extensions. If I use 1Password on my home computer, how can I use it on my work computer?

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OS Version: Windows 10
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Referrer: forum-search:How can I use 1Password on a computer on which 1P is not installed? Is there a onetime password?


  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @messida,

    If you have 1Password account, you can access your data via web interface on in the browser and copy your data from there, but in this case you will need to have all of your account credentials (Secret Key, Master Password, etc) to sign in.

    However, I would recommend you to reach out to your IT department and discuss the possibility of installing 1Password X. 1Password X works entirely in your browser, so you won't need to install separate apps, this extension has everything you need to use 1Password on your work computer.

    Let me know if it answers your question. Thank you! :+1:


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