Login works on browser 1Password but not desktop 1Password

My master password works on the browser and the iOS versions of 1Password, but will not log me in the desktop Windows version. It worked yesterday on the windows desktop version and today it will not.

I have copy and pasted from the browser to the desktop version and it still hasn't worked.

I have uninstalled and re installed twice and it still hasn't worked.

How does my master password work on the browser and iOS versions but not on my desktop?

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Home 1803
Sync Type: 684


  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @zstacy5089,

    Thank you for getting in touch!

    Do you happen to change the Master Password for your account? If you made that change, you will need to finish changing your password in the app. Open and unlock 1Password 7 on your PC using your old Master Password, click the red authentication error banner, and sign in with your new Master Password.

    If you haven't changed your Master Password and have access to your account via web interface on 1Password.com, please try to reset 1Password 7 for Windows and sign in to your account from scratch.

    Let me know how it goes. Thank you! :+1:


  • Thank you Greg,

    I used the an old Master Password and it let me in.

    Thanks again

  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    @zstacy5089: Great news! I am glad to hear that you are in.

    Let me know if you have other questions, we are always ready to help. :)


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