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Hi all,
Our team has users that are on Mac and users that are on Windows, so I really don't know where to post this.
I mistakenly thought that the features had parity between the different clients, so when I set up some entries in our team vault, not seeing folders, I assumed that tags were the thing since the left-hand column in the Windows client shows a nested Tags structure. However, when I asked one of my team members on a Mac to take a look at the structure, he sent a screenshot that showed Folders from his personal vault but no tags or folders from our shared vault.

The Windows and web clients, we've noticed, do not have folders, but the Mac client does. And while the Windows client shows a nested tags structure when we use "tag1\subtag", the web and Mac clients do not. As a matter of fact, it appears different depending on the version - the screenshot I received from my colleague running 6.8.8 on Mac showed folders and un-nested tags, and the Mac version 7 showed only un-nested tags. Because of this it is difficult to push a particular organizational structure that all our users can benefit from. In that case, what is the recommendation?

Also, based on experience with other products, there is always a "root" folder that items are created in by default, but there's no default tag setting I'm aware of for the vault, nor is there an "Untagged" grouping under "TAGS." I would like to see an option for one of those so that we can immediately tell that something needs to be properly categorized, because I guarantee you no one will be doing a search periodically for untagged entries.

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    Is there a particular reason you have users on 1Password 6.8.8 for Mac, @altair_josh? Tags are the future (nested and otherwise) and are all that 1Password 7 supports, regardless of platform. That consistency is there on the latest versions, but both folders and tags were available specifically in standalone vaults on older versions, so these older versions won't necessary interpret the newer tags features (like nesting) properly. The syntax for nested tags is also Tag/Foo with a forward slash, so that's likely why you're seeing un-nested tags on Mac. I believe Windows still accepts the old syntax since we adopted nested tags earlier than anyone else, but later adopters only accept / and we should likely be doing the same on Windows before too long.

    So, in short – use tags, use a forward slash to nest 'em, make sure everyone is using the latest 1Password clients and you should be good. If anyone created any folders in older clients, that's fine. The update to 7 will convert them to tags. :+1:

    As for an "untagged" option, the only way to do that now is to search tag: with no tag text included. I'll certainly pass your request for a default along, though. :chuffed:

  • Thanks. "I" don't have users on 6.8.8 for Mac :) I have no control over that - it's part of our corporate thing. (I don't even have access to add/remove vaults)
    I'll suggest upgrades, and appreciate your passing along of the untagged request.

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    Sorry, @altair_josh! When I read "our team", I kinda make the assumption of some sort of admin capacity. For what it might be worth, if y'all are using 1Password for Teams or 1Password Business, the latest version is always included with your membership so everyone should be able to use the latest unless they are stuck on an older operating system. In fact, it should be tough not to use the latest version with a 1Password membership since the apps will update automatically, but Mac does provide a wrinkle in that the App Store version of 7 had to be a new app this time around so folks using 1Password from the App Store may have found themselves unexpectedly stuck if they dismissed the update prompts we sent when 7 was released.

    Anyway, I think that's probably enough speculation for you, but just some things to keep in mind when making suggestions to your teammates. And, of course, if any of them have questions about their setups, feel free to send 'em our way. :chuffed:

  • No problem, I probably would have made a similar assumption. :)

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    @altair_josh: Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with, that is why we are here. :+1::)


  • All set, thanks

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