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I know you've built your own sync servers and are pushing a subscription model. I decided to subscribe and be done with it, but I would like you to consider adding Google Drive as sync possibility. Issue is, I don't really trust 1Password with my data. I know you say all data is encrypted, that key's are strengthen etc, but I truly have to TRUST this is true - there isn't a way for me to fully verify this and I really don't want a copy of all my passwords in a cloud server from a SMALL company with a minimal security team, even if you say they are encrypted. In contrast, all the data I store in Google Drive I can verify how it's stored, and now Google offers plenty of ways to secure its access including U2F keys, that plus their security team is top in the world. I am currently using Dropbox, but I don't really trust them, their security is really poor, they've also been hacked, and they simply don't spend as much as Google does in security.

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    @KevinDurant: But you trust Google with your data? ;) In all seriousness, your 1Password data is end-to-end encrypted, so 1Password simply doesn't depend on the sync service to protect your data. 1Password is secure by design, not by chance. That probably sounds like I'm talking about something specific, but that's fundamental to 1Password's design and how it's always worked. But with 1Password memberships, you get the additional security of the (128-bit, randomly-generated) Secret Key on top of that for protection from attacks against us: no one will be able to brute force your Master Password, because the Secret Key is also used to encrypt the data; and neither are ever sent to us. I'd suggest checking out our white paper for the details on how all of this works:

    1Password security

    We don't have any plans to add support for 3rd party sync services because, frankly, that's a bag of hurt: it sucks both for us and for our customers (maybe not all, but a TON of them) when relying on a 3rd party service for what in 2019 is table stakes for an app like 1Password -- seamless access to data across devices -- because when things go wrong with a 3rd party service, we can't fix it. And that's partly because of design decisions these sync/storage providers made that really make sense for them, but aren't a perfect fit for 1Password. Nothing wrong with that, but we build and maintain the 1Password membership service expressly for the needs of 1Password users, from top to bottom, and can improve and evolve it as needed. It used to be really bad news for nearly all 1Password users when Dropbox changed their API or shipped a major update to their client, understandably to make their service better. I was one of them. None of that affects 1Password memberships though. So I think those are a couple really good reasons -- security and convenience -- that a 1Password membership is the better option, but if you have any questions at all just let us know. :)

  • It’s a shame there’s no planned support for other sync services. I have a BAA with Google and they are HIPAA compliant, 1Password for teams may be the default for syncing but without a BAA and confirming that you are HIPAA compliant we cannot use your system and are left looking for alternatives now.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @richeames

    Focusing on our own sync service, which is custom tailored to suit 1Password, allows us to offer the best possible experience. We're able to offer a number of features because of it that would not be possible using a "generic" cloud storage provider. As for HIPAA compliance, I'd recommend reviewing this page:

    About HIPAA compliance in 1Password

    If you have further questions about that our business team would be happy to help. They can be reached at [email protected].



  • Will you sign a BAA with us ?

  • Nobody told us you were now HIPAA compliant

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I'd recommend reaching out to our business team at [email protected] for any additional details. They'd be in the best position to assist with any HIPAA related questions.


  • I will reach out tomorrow


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Great :+1:


  • Boo-urns!
    Why treat your Android customers as second class? If you support iCloud you should support Google Drive, especially since Dropbox has reduced the number of devices you can sync to.

    Please reconsider this feature.

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    Hi @agvLtEHsit! Welcome to the forum!

    iCloud support was implemented back when our Membership option did not exist, so back then we didn't really have an alternative option. We have no plans to support additional sync methods at the moment. We built exactly to avoid having to rely on a third-party service to sync your data. Our own sync service does not have any limitations whatsoever, and is therefore the best method available to sync your data. does not limit us and our 1Password Membership customers when it comes to how many devices they are using and is therefore already our recommended option.

    I hope you understand that we are not able to control changes third party providers decide to implement, and therefore prefer (and owe it to our customers) to controls things directly to offer the best possible service without relying on anyone else.

  • Yes, but is a subscription purchase. Some of your customers still prefer a standalone purchase, and we should be able to sync with our existing storage. Especially one that all Android users have, and one that Google makes very easy to integrate into your Apps.

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    Thanks for the feedback @agvLtEHsit. Right now our focus is on This is a custom tailored solution which allows us to do a number of things we aren't able to do with generic cloud storage solutions. We don't have plans to add additional 3rd party sync options, such as Google Drive, at this time. I do apologize; I know that isn't the answer you were hoping for, but we have to focus our resources where we feel we can provide the best experience and that is with I hope you can understand our position.


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