1Password X suggests passwords for pages that don't match the current one exactly

For example:
I have saved credentials for jira.company.com, 'confluence.company.com' and 'auth.company.com'. When I go to 'confluence.company.com', 1Password shows all three (jira, conf, auth), even though it should show only the one for the current page.

Is there an option to change this somehow?

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OS Version: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x86_64
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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Hey @threenuc! Thanks for pointing this out. There won't be a way for you to choose to only see credentials for confluence.company.com, for example, with all three of these items saved. BUT the Confluence item should be showing up first since the websites URLS are an exact match. The items with jira.company.com and auth.company.com will then show up below the Confluence item since the domains match (even though the subdomain doesn't).

    Here's an example screenshot:

  • edited July 2019

    I have similar/same issue - can't figure out the problem - 1Password X (in Chrome on Mac). I have two logins entries - [email protected] user and url = https://system.somedomain.com --- the other is just 'me' user and url = https://confluence.corp.somedomain.com
    When I nav to confluence, the FIRST option is the 'system.somedomain.com' user/pass.

    Note - there are MULTIPLE website/url for the confluence entry --- perhaps THAT is part of the problem?

    Yes- this appears to be the problem. I just moved the 2nd "website" up to be 1st for the confluence entry - and voila - it works as expected.

    Okay - so the test case seems to be:
    entry ONE = single website, NOT an exact match (subdomain of domainmatch)
    entry TWO = multiple entries, 3 different domains, HAS an exact match (for hostname/domain - but PATH of url is extra...).
    - if exact match is NOT 1st website entry (2nd), then entry ONE is first in list.
    - if exact match IS 1st entry, then entry TWO is properly first in list.

    To be clear:
    -- entry ONE: website1 = https://system.XXXX.com
    -- entry TWO: website1 = https://jira.AAA.XXZZ.com
    website2 = https://confluence.corp.XXXX.com
    website3 = https://confluence.corp.XXZZ.com
    website4 = https://internalapps.XXXX.com

    And Bookmark in Chrome is

    Seems like a bug (or enhancement needed?) in the indexing of multiple websites on a single login entry.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hey @jedierik20 – I first wanted to say how much I appreciate how you laid this out for me. It made it very easy to follow, so thank you for that. :chuffed:

    I'm curious how you'd like for this to work. Right now, 1Password X prioritizes the first website in a Login item. Would you prefer it to look at all website URLs in an item before deciding which one to suggest? I'll admit that I use the second website field very sparingly, so I haven't run into an issue like this myself. I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page before I bring it up to our developers.

  • Sorry - I kept meaning to get back to this and then I had to travel and blah blah...
    In this scenario I want the exact match set to come up. Even though the exact match is the 2nd entry, I want THAT username and pwd to be suggested.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @jedierik20 – No worries at all. I'll be here regardless, so there's no rush. :)

    I appreciate you clarifying that for me. Another question – were you able to resolve things by moving the second website URL up to the first, or did that cause another issue with one of the other sites in the Login item?

  • It resolved it by moving the 2nd website to be the 1st website entry for that. In THAT instance, it's fine now - because the other website/url is rarely used. However, I have at least two other instances where the account is a centralized LDAP or Active Directory account, used by 3-5 different services - each having unique URL/website. Since I do NOT want to copy/paste or track 3-6 different entries that use same username/pwd, I definitely need to use multiple website entries.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @jedierik20 – For sure! I understand the need for multiple website entries. I just wanted to make sure that the item you mentioned ended up being presented in the right order after you moved the second URL up to the first. The first website URL will take precedence, as you'd expect, but I think we can do better at matching the additional websites stored inside a Login item. I've brought this up to our developers so they can have a conversation about it. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

    ref: x/b5x#1352

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