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Hi, if I get a Teams account for my small business can each user have a personal (private) vault in addition to their company vault?

I read somewhere that 1Password doesn't recommend that individuals use Teams for their personal info since the company admin has access to everything?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @LloydM

    We recommend using the Private vault within a business-owned 1Password membership to store only the credentials that are:

    1. Unique to the individual (e.g. their work email account)
    2. Work related

    When the business has a 1Password Business level membership each individual within the company will have access to a complementary 1Password Families membership where they can store more personal items. Further details about this can be found here:

    Link a family account to your business account

    As the 1Password apps support signing in to multiple accounts simultaneously it would be possible for someone to access both their work and home accounts from the same devices, if that is desirable.


  • Hi Ben;

    Thanks for letting me know, will the Teams plan have the same complimentary 1Password Families membership?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    It does not, no. That is one of the primary differences between 1Password Teams and 1Password Business: the latter has this whereas the former does not. If you're using 1Password Teams and are interested in upgrading please reach out to our business sales folks at [email protected]. Thanks!


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