I upgraded to 7.3.1. Now cannot open any of my websites,

I upgraded to 7.3.1 ever since I cannot log in to any of my saved "logins" in 1Password. Up until I did this everything worked fine, Have tested 6-8 sites. Please help.

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  • You are making getting help so difficult. I have no idea where to go from. here. I already referred to forum-search. Please tele what is going on.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @tomjbaty - I'm sorry for the trouble! It's a bit hard to say from just your description, since you didn't include any information about your setup other than that you're running 1Password 7.3.1 for Mac. Can you tell us:

    1. The specific version of macOS you're running
    2. The specific version of browser you're using (and which browser(s))
    3. The specific version of 1Password extension you have running in your browser(s)
    4. Whether you've restarted 1Password, your browser(s) or your Mac since updating to 7.3.1.
    5. Anything else that might've changed on your system around the same time this happened?
    6. Anything else you think might be relevant to the problem.

    If you've not restarted your Mac, definitely try that first, and let us know about the rest of it. Thanks! :)

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