A family member does not have their own personal account. Instead they have full access to mine.

My wife and I had our own individual 1Password accounts. We decided to move to a family account, so I upgraded my account to a Family account. After that, I had a Personal vault with all my passwords, and a new Shared vault that was initially empty. I moved a few items into the Shared vault. I then entered invited my wife to the family account. She received the email, and I confirmed her account. (She's a family member, not a family organizer.) She opened the 1Password app, and saw a Personal and a Shared vault too. HOWEVER, the Personal vault she sees is MY personal vault. She can add/edit/delete any item in my Personal vault. (She has not yet imported her passwords from her old personal account into the family account.) When I hover over the Personal vault in my app and click on the three dots and select Manage Access, it says "Only you can view and edit items in this vault." It says the same thing when I log into 1Password.com.

Why does my wife not have her own Personal vault, and why does she have full access to my Personal vault even though the app says I'm the only one with access to it? (Until we figure this out, I don't want to invite our kids as additional family members, since I don't want them to also have full access to my Personal vault.)

1Password Version: 7.3.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.14.5
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    @krudin - I'm sorry for the trouble/confusion. It sounds as if you may have been sharing Master Passwords as well as accounts. There is no way for anyone but you to see your own Personal vault unless they have the sign-in credentials -- YOUR sign-in credentials . When you invited your wife, after she signed up to be a member of the 1Password Families account and you confirmed her sign-up, did she actually add that account into 1Password for Mac? Or did she add yours?

    When you invite your family members, they receive an email from us on your behalf, with a link to sign up. When they follow that link, they are creating their own account in the family (which you must then confirm). Once that's done, they can then add this new account to their 1Password apps on the devices they use...but that process doesn't happen automatically. Have her open 1Password for Mac on her device and look in Preferences > Accounts -- check what her Secret Key is there. Does it match yours? If so, then she's signed into your account, not hers. Are there any other accounts signed in there besides hers? let me know what you discover.

  • Hi Lars. We figured out what was happening. Many months ago, I had authorized her computer to access my vaults, so she could access them if needed. When we moved to a family account and she was asked to log in, it was defaulting to using the secret key from my vault. She had the same password as I had (we've changed that so now our passwords are different), so when she thought she was logging into her vault, she was actually logging into mine. I de-authorized her laptop, and it worked after that. We now have a family account, and we each have a Personal vault, plus one Shared vault.

    Thanks for your help on this. -- Ken Rudin

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @krudin - glad you figured it out! I totally get the impulse to allow a trusted family member access to some of your own items...but that's what the 1Password Families setup does -- no need to try to reinvent the wheel. :) Glad you're all sorted out now; let us know if you have any questions in the future! :)

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