Switching / vault isolation between Families subscription members on a shared device

On a shared device that doesn't support individual on-device login and data (e.g., a shared iPad), does the 1Password app on the shared device allow each member of a 1 Password Families subscription to access his/her own personal vault without also accessing the other Families subscription members' personal vaults, and to switch between the members as desired (e.g., I access my personal vault, then hand off the device to my wife and she switches to her personal vault)?

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @duelist77 - nope. At least, not currently; there's no way to be sure what the future might hold -- but for now, this isn't possible. If you've got 1Password for iOS installed on an iPad, only a single user from the same 1Password Families account can sign in. If you (presuming this is your iPad) were a member of a 1Password Business account with a different email address, etc, you could of course sign into both of those within 1Password for iOS. But 1Password doesn't (can't, at this time) offer you a way to "switch users" within the app itself, without signing fully out of one and then in with the other...every time a different person picked up the iPad. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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