What is 1Password X? Why would I want it?

three-cushionthree-cushion Junior Member

I have used 1PW for several years. But I get behind since it all works so well! (No grips today!)

What is the difference between my current PW and 1Password X? Why would I want it? When I use Chrome Browser on my iPad from time to time, I get the UserID/PW from 1PW, and enter into the Chrome site. There is no Firefox for iOS...so why would I want the X version?

In general what have I missed? and for me... Apple user with an OLD iMac (OS 10.10.50,; new iPad (12.9”) : and old iPhone (Ver 6). (Note: iOS 13 will be great for iPad...right?). Sorry to ramble... but can you succinctly position me vis-a-vis 1PW X? I’m just a mite confused, I guess...

EG, will 1PW X run on iOS? If so why is it better than my current Ver7.3.3? Will it run on my OLD iMac (Yosemite)? Or, on my Ver 6 iPhone (iOS 12.3.1)?

Will 1PW X run OK or better on the Chrome I have installed on my iOS systems?

Maybe just point me to some references where I can read up on all this new (to me) stuff....OK?

Thanx for listening
Jim B

1Password Version: iOS 7.3.3
Extension Version: ?
OS Version: OS10.10.5
Sync Type: Subscription


  • three-cushionthree-cushion Junior Member

    I MUST add to above.

    I Rarely use my iMac these days. Seems every piece of work I now do a-days, it is easier to use my iPad. And with iPad OS13 coming that may become more so.

    I see others are using 1PW X on MSFT 10 , Linux, etc... Is that the real market 1PW X is aiming at? Just a thought....

    Jim B

  • Hey, @three-cushion.

    1Password X is an extension for desktop Chrome, Firefox or Opera. In iOS/iPadOS, you'd use the 1Pass app. Now, the difference between 1Password X and the regular browser extension for the native Mac app is, and I quote Ben (1Pass team member) from this thread:

    1Password X requires a 1Password.com membership, and interacts with 1Password.com directly (instead of through 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows). It is possible to use 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows alongside it, but that isn't necessary. This makes it possible for folks on Linux or ChromeOS to use 1Password X. It also makes it possible for folks who may not be able to install applications but can add Chrome extensions to use 1Password.

    1Password for Windows and 1Password for Mac also have the ability to use our more traditional browser extensions. These extensions do require the desktop app in order to function, but can function without a 1Password.com membership. They can sync through iCloud or Dropbox via the desktop app.

    I'm not a 1Pass team member, so defintiely wait for an official response from them. Hope that helps! :)

  • three-cushionthree-cushion Junior Member
    edited July 6

    Hello @arturoaubry: Thanks for the response. Yes...it does help. And confirms my understanding re 1PW X . Really, that extension covers a VERY large market beyond APPLE users. It may lead to a significant boost to 1PW future sales, IMHO.

    Just to note: My Version of Chrome Browser on my iOS system works well with the Ver 7.3.3 ver of 1PW. The web extension on Chrome works OK as well. I only use Chrome when “fussy” sites begin to reject Safari. I do admit, however, that autofill does don’t work well using iOS Ver of 1PW with Chrome. That is not a good enough reason to have 1PW X in addition my 1PW.

    Cheers Jim B

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hi @three-cushion! I'm glad to hear @arturoaubry was able to clear up some of your confusion in regards to 1Password X. If you have any other questions about it, we're happy to answer them for you. :)

    Just in case it wasn't clear before, 1Password X is not for iOS devices. In order to fill your credentials on an iOS device, you can use Password AutoFill provided by Apple or our iOS extension. In my opinion, those methods aren't quite as seamless as 1Password X, but I understand that you'd prefer to use your iPad rather than your iMac. If you have questions about filling on an iOS device, my colleagues in the 1Password for iOS support forum will be able to explain things much better than I would. If you have questions about 1Password X, though, this is the spot to ask!

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