How do we update a login entry after the site changes it's login page?

I am finding more and more that sites change their login page in a way that breaks auto-filling from 1password. Here is an example work flow.

2 years ago I created a login for site x.
at the time, it worked great, it auto-filled the user name and password and it submitted the login when I hit the auto-fill keyboard shortcut.

Today, I got back to the same site and find that the site has been updated by the company that owns the site. There are still user name and password fields and a login button. But now, when I hit the auto-fill keyboard short cut, the user name and password fields get filled in, but the form doesn't get submitted automatically. After the user name and passwords are filled, all I have to do is click on login and I am in, but this is a pain in the butt.

If I delete the login and create a new one, 1password can find the submit button and builds a new login entry that will do all the right steps, including auto-submit.

Is there a way to get 1password to automatically "fix" the existing login entry so that I don't have to go through the steps of deleting the existing steps of copying the username and password somewhere, delete the existing login entry, then login again hoping that 1password will create a new entry that works?

BTW, this happens a lot. Developers are always trying to improve their sites and I find that this scenario happens to me a lot.


1Password Version: 7.3.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.14.6 beta
Sync Type: family


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @gveres: I'd disagree that it happens a lot, since we test tons of sites day in and day out. Many websites just never seem to change, for better or for worse. Others change superficially (new logo/layout) while leaving the underlying structure alone. But you're right that when a website does change substantially it can sometimes lead to filling issues, since 1Password has saved information about the old login form and its elements may not match the new one. The best thing to do in those cases is to save a new login manually, since that will allow 1Password to save information from the new form to fill better going forward. Just follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the website
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Click the 'keyhole' icon to bring up the extension
    4. Click the 'gear' icon for Settings
    5. Click Save New Login
    6. Give it a name and Save
    7. Close the webpage and select your new login from the extension to have 1Password Go & Fill
    8. Submit the form

    I hope this helps. And if you're having trouble with a specific site, let us know the details so we can investigate. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty: maybe something else is going on. I have a TD easy web login entry that used to fill in the user name and password and submit the form automatically. Now it does not - they revamped their site.

    But I followed your instructions above by doing these things:
    1. ctrl-\, followed by TD to get to the td easy web entry and hit enter.
    2. it filled in the user name and password but didn't submit the form.
    3. I opened mini and clicked on the gear icon and selected New Login (note that you guys need to update your instructions since it seems that the newest version of mini has changed all the wording - it is not "new password" anymore either - it is generate password.
    4. I gave it a new name and saved it
    5. I then hit the submit button and logged in.
    6. I logged out and then brought up mini, selected the new login entry and it did the same thing as the first login entry: it filled the fields but didn't submit the form.

    I then tried quite a few other sites and it isn't auto-submitting the forms for anything. Maybe this is my real problem. It used to auto-submit before I upgraded to 1Password 7. I just searched the preferences and I can't find the preference that used to exist that controlled auto-submit. Did that option go away in 1Password 7?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @gveres: Correct. 1Password does not autosubmit. Apple (understandably) doesn't want apps sending keystrokes like that since it can be abused. 1Password can usually leave the password field focused after filling (by pressing ⌘ \), which in turn usually allows you to submit it (by pressing Return). Hence, step 8. I'm sorry if I misunderstood what you meant earlier when you said "that breaks auto-filling from 1password".

  • Ah that sucks. Was this something that changed in 1password 7? Auto-submit was an excellent feature that I will miss dearly.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    1Password 7.2 was the first version to remove this, in preparation for Safari 12 and Mojave. Honestly, though I missed it at first, it had enough inconsistency depending on the website that I don't anymore. I can't think of the last time Return didn't work, and often I need to deal with a CAPTCHA or something before signing in anyway.

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