Using Pixel 3 as a security key

1Password has recently enabled use of physical security keys as a second factor. My Pixel 3XL has an integrated Titan M security chip that can be used as a FIDO second factor key, and I have it set up like this with my Google account.

I can't, however, seem to use the Pixel as a security key with my 1Password account. Whenever I try to add the device as a bluetooth key in 1Password's settings, the request just times out.

Has anyone had success using their Pixel 3 as a security key for 1Password?

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  • mverdemverde

    Team Member

    @jimk4003 I'm glad to hear that you're making use of the new WebAuthn support that we've added to! I was pretty excited when Google announced the fact that Android 7+ devices could now act as FIDO keys. Like you, I've got my Pixel 3 set up as a second factor for my Google accounts.

    Unfortunately for early adopters like you and me, it doesn't look like this is available for use with third-party services yet. Since we've already done the leg work to support WebAuthn on though, it should mean that it will just work with your phone once Google expands support to include third-party services.

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