Some items not syncing to 1Password 7 for Windows

I just upgraded to a 1Password membership after having a standalone license for several years. After upgrading to the membership, I migrated all my items to 1Password per the instructions online. Everything looks fine on my iMac, iPhone and iPad. However, I have a news Windows PC and a number of items are not sync'ing to the Windows PC. I have 1,137 items on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad, but only 941 items in 1Password for Windows. I'm not sure if there's any pattern to what is and isn't sync'ing - most of my logins seem ok, but there are at least a few important logins that haven't sync'd over. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks!

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version: 7.2.583
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type: 1Password membership


  • GregGreg

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    Hi @maronis,

    Thank you for reporting this!

    It sounds like the initial sync in 1Password 7 for Windows was interrupted for some reason. Could you please try to do the following to fix that:

    1. Sign in to your 1Password account on website using Chrome or Firefox.

    2. Click on your account name on the top right to select "Get the Apps" and keep this page open.

    3. Close 1Password 7 if it is running by right-clicking on the 1Password icon in the notification area to select "Exit".

    4. Open Windows File Explorer and enter the following in the address bar: %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password

    5. Rename the "data" folder to "backup-data".

    6. Open 1Password 7 and switch to your web browser with your account. Scroll down to Step 2 and click on the blue button that says "Already have the app? Add your account directly".

    7. Unlock 1Password 7 now and wait for it to finish sync. When you first unlock the app, the vault will be empty, but please give it time to finish sync and DO NOT close the app during this time.

    Please let me know how it goes. Thanks!


  • That did the trick - thanks so much!

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    On behalf of Greg, you're most welcome, @maronis. Enjoy and if there's anything more we can do to help, just let me know. :chuffed:

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