1PWv7 Upgrade is a complete disaster for me....

Hi guys!
I am a customer since v2 and did upgrade and purchase each version, currently running v6. After I read v6 won't work in the new Safari version, but v7 does I opted to upgrade to v7. Well, and then the nightmare began... I am extremely frustrated a.t.m. as I need a reliable 1PW app continuously throughout the day and v7 screwed it up big time!

I installed the v7 app and ran the installer - first of all that didn't work as the app didn't close the mini-app when pressing the "close all" button, had to do that manually and needed a few tries. Anyway, at the end it was installed.
Assuming you guys take care of loyal customers I ran the setup, used the option to create a 1PW account and imported my data (which so far was synced via Dropbox) into that new vault.

Problem (1):
I read that there is a limited offer of $50 annual charge, so wanted to pick this. But my account is now in the 1 month free test mode, and when I click the hyperlink below the account name in the app it leads to a page that says "$2.99/month when paid annually" - well, that's only $36. I am extremely happy if that is a discount for v6 users, but why doesn't it explain it? I now don't want to subscribe this as uncertain whether it is the right one, and I also Donnerstag#t want to miss out on the discounted offer... this is poor, really.

I also stumbled upon this link after the issues I had which said I shouldn't have signed up for an account as a v6 user - why the hell does the app then ask me to do so??

Problem (2):
As I said I use the app continuously, so I needed to upgrade and sync my other devices. Went to iPhone, scanned the QR code and setup the account in the app. But then it still showed Dropbox as sync option. I found the option to have the 1PW account as main vault and copy data over from the dropbox vault - done. Now no sync option is shown, so I assume it sync. Btw, this is scary as hell, no notice if sync happens, when and how, what data.... I am not feeling fuzzy here!
Well, the problem is now I have all entries 2x on my iPhone, probably by me copying it over?

That's where I am, still 2 iPhone and 2 iPad and 2 more Mac on v6 as I am now scared as hell... and 1 iPhone + Mac on v7 and even more scared about loosing data.

As said before this process is way too complicated for a normal user. You are charging a premium price for your product so make it work, easy, reliable. This upgrade made me really consider dumping 1PW and rather going with the free built in OS keychain... Until 1h ago I would have never considered that...

1Password Version: 7.3.1
Extension Version: 7.3.1
OS Version: OSX 10.14.5
Sync Type: Dropbox / 1PW Acct ??????


  • Hey, @J_P_F.

    I can only imagine how frustrating this could be. I had a similar experience with another service and it's just an awful thing to have to go through, even more so when the customer support is as terrible as it was in that other service. Fortunately, 1Pass has a great team that is always ready to help.

    Now, I'm not a 1Pass team member, but I'm pretty sure the problem is that instead of opting for a stand-alone license, you activated the 1Password membership. They have the same features, as both are V.7 of 1Pass. The difference is the way your data is synced. You can read more about the 1Password membership here.

    I prefer it over a license as it's more convenient, equally secure, and you have unlimited access from any device you can think of. And that's the price difference you're seeing: $50 for the stand-alone license or $2.99/month when paid annually for the membership.

    Now, depending on what you choose (keeping your membership or wanting to go back to the stand-alone license) there's a process you can follow to fix the duplicated items you're seeing. In any case, don't be afraid as your info is and will remain to be totally secure.

    Sorry for the long answer and hope that helps! :)

  • Hi, thanks, that is a good hint! Appreciated. And I actually would opt for the account vs standalone to be future proof once and for all. I just wonder why 1PW doesn't properly explain that during the process...

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    Welcome to the forum, @J_P_F! I'm sorry for the confusion and frustration.

    I read that there is a limited offer of $50 annual charge, so wanted to pick this.

    No, an individual 1password.com account is $35.88/yr if paid annually (works out to $2.99/mo). The $50 amount is for a single standalone license, not a 1password.com account.

    When you choose a 1password.com membership (which it sounds like you did), your data is synced via the 1password.com servers, not Dropbox or any other 3rd party sync service. Can I ask: if you click Preferences > Vaults within 1Password for Mac right now, what do you see? How many vaults, and what are their names? If you created a 1password.com account, you should have a vault called "Personal" or "Private," but are there any other vaults there?

    If you look in the "Personal" or "Private" vault, do you see what you would consider a complete and up-to-date copy of your data? If so, that's good! If you see a vault called "Primary" (or any other vaults), let me know.

    On your other devices, you can use these instructions to sign into your account and remove your Primary vault, leaving you running only your new 1password.com account, everywhere. Hope that's helpful.

  • Hi, ok, good that finally clarifies this matter - thanks. But it is a shame it is so unclear for the user that I have to follow up here, right?

    W/R/T the vault question, there is my account name and then the "personal" named vault.
    Whether that is now complete and/or up-2-date... good question. After the duplication issue I used the help/tool/find-duplicates effort, but it quite didn't find all duplicates. I deleted them manually in the hope to catch the right ones. So a/t/m I am still not comfy the new 1PW does give me same security as v7 data... I hope it does, but uncertain.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    But it is a shame it is so unclear for the user that I have to follow up here, right?

    You're right: we probably need to simplify further and make it more evident what the best path forward is. It's a process.

    So a/t/m I am still not comfy the new 1PW does give me same security as v7 data...

    You can read about the 1Password security model here:

    About the 1Password security model

    W/R/T the vault question, there is my account name and then the "personal" named vault.

    That sounds correct, so if that vault is the only vault you have remaining and it has all of your data in it then you should be in good shape. :+1:


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