Change order of Login item matches


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    I'm seeing something likely similar but in Android Chrome browser (I can post in the Android section if needed). For the matching domain my favourite is at the end because it starts with W.

    Android 1Password app version - 7.1.5
    Phone - Pixel 2XL
    Android version - 9

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    Hey @brianbermingham. Thanks for reaching out. We don't currently sort Favorites to the top of the list from the Autofill prompt. However, we have an open issue to change this behavior, and I'll pass your request along to our team.

    ref: android-449

  • I need this too - the order seems totally random right now - even renaming them to 1. 2. 3 etc has no effect

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    Thanks for the feedback, @Skilganon. I'll pass this on to our development team.

    ref: dev/android/onepassword-android#512

  • Ditto!

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    Thanks, @nancyT. I'll pass your request for this on to our development team as well.

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