To Jeff Shiner, CEO, 1Password has damaged my $3000 Mac Computer

Dear Mr.Shiner,

I have written 1Password 50 times. Sent numerous Diagnostic Reports. Senior technicians at Apple have spent 10 hours with remote access trying to diagnose how 1Password has destroyed my $3000 Mac computer. I have paid for 1Password since your company was founded. Over the past year the quality of your system has dramatically declined. Over 6 months ago a peculiar message that you have been sent screenshots of took over my high end new Mac computer. Your support staff is of no help. They send me canned emails and my computer is disabled because of your system problems.

A large screen keeps seizing my 26 inch Mac screen saying: "problem report for password4-helper" Your message takes over my entire computer and disables all the functions. Apple was great in trying to remove all elements of 1Password from my Operating System and the problem persists.

Apple went into multiple registries and tried to remove all related to your company with no success.

Mr. Shiner, I have spent dozens of hours trying to resolve your company's problem. No representative from your company has even called me to apologize or help.

Your company's lack of long term customer sensitivity and support is not good.

Dr. H.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @jason___32

    I see you've got an existing conversation going with us via email. To avoid duplicating efforts let's continue the conversation by email. We'll be happy to help get to the bottom of this. I see you've been working with our lead QA engineer on our Apple team. I will let her know that you've reached out again and are awaiting her reply.



    ref: HGB-59654-659

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