No Icons for opened vaults in Knox

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I recently bought Knox for my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard. I started by creating several standard vaults for my files. Upon opening these vaults, there is no icon associated with them. On the desktop, there is simply the vault (folder) name and a blank outline above it. Has anyone had this issue?


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    Hi SeanL, welcome to the forums!

    When you stated that you created "several standard vaults..." do you mean that you've manually created the sparsebundles using Disk Utility or the Terminal? If so, the icon doesn't "sync" with Knox by default. To give it an icon, "Get Info" (command+I) on each volume you'd like to set the icon for, and one with the Knox "briefcase" icon. Click on the Knox briefcase icon in the information window and Copy (Command+C) the icon when it has a blue outline around it. Then click the standard vault icons and paste (command+V) it. The icons will then all be Knox icons.

    Hope this helps.

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