No network connection to 1Password currently available

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I have this message right no on Windows application. The browser and other application have internet connection.
Is there anybody who has the same issue ?

I don't have any VPN connecitons right now.


  • Reboot computer and the problem was disappeared.

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    Glad to hear it sorted itself out, @demas! Networking is an oddly complicated beast. Much of it happens behind the scenes and thankfully works well enough most of the time we rarely notice it, but it has its moments. In my opinion, you did the right thing by rebooting. Particularly in uncomplicated network environments, these sorts of issues usually mean something went wrong in setting up your networks and a do-over triggered by a reboot will fix it the majority of the time. For the cases where it doesn't, though, we're here to help so always feel free to reach out with any issues. :chuffed:

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