Filling in password does not work

Hi. This is about 1Password 7.3.1 on 2015 MacBook Pro, OS 10.14.5.

In recent weeks, in Safari on my Mac, when I am logging in to a web site and click the 1Password extension icon, 1Password does not automatically go to its entry for that web site's log-in. Instead, it displays the top of its list of all 500+ items in the vault and asks me to type into the search field the name of the item I'm looking for. This is the normal behaviour only when I do not have an entry for the web site among all my log-in passwords, but now it occurs for every web site, even 99% of the sites I use are repeats for which 1Password already has the password stored.

I don't know remember whether this began with the update to 7.3.1 or before or after that. But it is not the norm. Previously when I clicked the extension, the item for the web site log-in was automatically selected, and all I had to do was click the button to enter the password. That was the case for all the years I've used the software.

Yes I have restarted the computer a number of times, this makes no difference. Yes my account was (suddenly without notice) frozen I believe yesterday because I had not renewed (never received notice). So I renewed it yesterday, but the behaviour described above began weeks ago, long before the account was frozen, and continues now that I have paid for another year.

Do you know what the problem may be?

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hi @kencohen! Just to double check – what version of the 1Password extension are you using? This was posted in the 1Password X category, but it sounds like you're referring to 1Password for Mac. I wanted to make sure before moving it for you. :)

  • Hi. 7.3.1, same as the app. I just install the latest update whenever I'm notified of it.

  • I'm referring to installation on my Mac. The IOS updates I believe install themselves.

  • While I remember, I'd like to ask about a second, minor problem. After the computer is restarted, clicking the 1Password extension icon next to the address field in the toolbar does not work - nothing happens. The same thing with the icon in the menubar. This happens even though the main application itself is running in the background (it's one of my login items). Only after I open the main application and log in do the other icons work. This also (I think) began a few weeks ago, I just don't recall it ever happening until then. Is this supposed to work that way?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @kencohen - thanks for confirming. 1Password X is different from the traditional "desktop app required" extension (which would be 7.3.1 in Safari, as you observed). In 1Password for Mac 7.3.1, there is a newer preference setting for the mini in Preferences > Mini. You can set what the mini opens to there by means of the drop-down menu:

    If you set this to "Suggestions," you should get suggestions from 1Password about what to fill into the page you're on. This will include any saved Login items but depending on the form elements on the page might include Credit Card or Identity items as well. If you set it to either Favorites or All Items, you'll get a static list of those things, instead of filling suggestions. Hope that helps. :)

    You do indeed need to activate and unlock 1Password before you can use it after a restart. It may be causing your Mac some confusion if you put 1Password in the startup items, since if you have "Always keep 1Password Extension Helper running" in Preferences > Browsers, then the mini will be started upon logging into your Mac's user account after a restart anyway.

  • Thanks - I wasn't aware of the new pref, it makes all the difference.

  • But now, although the correct log-in is chosen in the extension, there is no button to confirm to fill in the information. It used to just take one click to fill in the user name/email and password. I'm instead getting a screen with the log-in information, and I could manually copy the information one field at a time, but what happened to the previous one click method? I'm sorry to keep asking this, but the application just is not behaving the way it was until a few weeks ago.

  • Sorry but I'm frustrated. I just figured out why there was no button. My account information disappeared from Preferences>Accounts on my Mac. I had to add it back. Now things seem to be working normally. But why was my account removed? I've wasted a lot of time fiddling with this problem and bothering you, to fix problems that seemed to come from nowhere. If all this happened because my account was not renewed, that would be because I did not know a payment was due - I wasn't notified as far as I know, until it came to my attention the account had been "frozen". You know, all this is pretty harsh treatment for someone who's been a loyal customer going back many years.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Sorry for the confusion @kencohen! An account can be removed from the preferences only if you manually remove it, or if you have reset your 1Password app. Even if your account is frozen, it remains in the app.

    Also, when you create a 1Password account and activate the free trial, we send email reminders when the trial comes to an end, so I wonder if that notification ended up in your spam folder perhaps.

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