Can not delete user in 1password Business

During the SCIM installation I created two users for Provisioning, using script
One of them is production already and the second user must be deleted asap.

How I can remove this user, I tried but the only option I have is to start recovery

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  • duncan_1Pduncan_1P

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    Hi @oleggo thanks for your question.

    If you currently have provisioning enabled you won't be able to delete any users. If you need to delete a redundant Provision Manager user, you'll need to temporarily disable provisioning. You can do this by clicking Settings in the sidebar, then clicking the Provisioning tab.

    With provisioning disabled, none of the actions you take in your Identity Provider will make it to 1Password so you should ensure you turn this back on immediately to prevent any issues.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Hi
    Thank you for quick reply!

    I do provisioning using OKTA.
    Can I temporary disable provisioning remove the user and enable provisioning once again?
    What is the impact of this operation, will OKTA provisioning continue to work?

  • Hi
    Just disabled provisioning BUT I have only option to suspend user and not delete it, why?
    How I can delete user completely?
    Will I pay license for suspended user?

  • duncan_1Pduncan_1P

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    Hey @oleggo. With provisioning disabled, you can delete the extra user from your 1Password account, not from OKTA. Removing a user in OKTA will suspend the user, not delete them. Here's how to delete a user from your 1Password account (again, only when provisioning is disabled):

    Add and remove team members

    You won't be charged for suspended users though, so if this is your main concern then suspending them will be sufficient.

    While provisioning is disabled, anything you do in OKTA won't take effect in your 1Password account so it's important not to leave this disabled for any longer than absolutely necessary to delete the user.

  • I do not have option to delete user inside 1password also then the provisioning is disabled!
    Provisioning is disabled, I choose suspended user I want to delete, see screenshot:

    Please assist!

  • I found how, its inside the user

  • duncan_1Pduncan_1P

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    Hey @oleggo thanks for the update. I'm glad you found the option. :)

    Be sure to re-enable provisioning in Settings > Provisioning to ensure that changes to users in Okta can sync properly to 1Password.

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