Twitter won't accept the password generated/saved in 1Password

I saved my original Twitter password in 1password, then followed the instructions to generate a new random password and save that in 1password. Somehow the password got changed but the old one is still saved in 1password. So now I can't login because Twitter won't accept my old password and I don't know the new one.

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  • Greetings @rcostello,

    The following assumes you are using either 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows with our companion extension. If in your preferred browser our extension displays as 1Password X you'll want to skip to lower down for its steps.

    If you used the 1Password password generator but your 1Password Login item still shows your old password then there should now be a Password item also present in your vault. If you generated the password from inside your preferred browser the Password item should not only have a timestamp that matches when you changed your Twitter password but the title and website field should also reference Twitter. If you use this password to sign in 1Password should prompt to update your existing Login item and you can leave the dialog on screen to wait and see if Twitter confirms the password is good. 1Password for Mac will create a Password item any time you use the password generator.

    1Password X is a very different extension. It doesn't generate Password items like 1Password for Mac does but it should be displaying an inline prompt immediately after using the built-in password generator making it almost impossible to miss. There is still a safety net though if the prompt was accidentally dismissed.

    1. Visit Twitter in your preferred browser.
    2. Click the 1Password X button in the browser toolbar.
    3. Click the + button to the right of the search field.
    4. Click the Password Generator option.
    5. Click the Generator History button at the bottom of this screen.
    6. Copy the password and paste into the Twitter sign-in page.
    7. Click the 1Password icon in the password field and there should be an option to save, the dialog that pops up will allow you to update an existing item.

    Hopefully one of these helps, if you're still having trouble please let us know.

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