Annoying and Illogical 1PW Behavior

Trying a new app on my iPhone for which an ID and password is stored (for the web version) in 1PW.

Upon the new app opening, 1PW cannot find the password or ID to use.

Why doesn't 1PW then give us the option to search for an existing ID and password. This is totally annoying. It's like 1PW is saying "well, I am unable to find an ID and password that matches, so it must not exist". Please give us the ability to have 1PW search for the applicable ID and password when 1PW cannot find it.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @amswitzer!

    Can you please let us know what app this is happening with so we can test?

  • and there are others.

  • Hi @amswitzer,

    In iOS Apple have provided a mechanism to allow an iOS app to be associated with one or more domains but it is something the developer has to set up. The motivation for this association is to safely allow for identifying credentials that will work with this app.

    This is a screenshot of what you might see in the Twitter iOS app. Just below the text No Logins Found you can see the associated domain.

    • If there's an associated domain 1Password will only allow you to use a Login item that matches it.
    • If there is not an associated domain 1Password will allow you to search the vault.

    For the apps you're having trouble with does it show an associated domain and if it does what is it showing?

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