Shared Vault - make changes and share multiple items


I’m new to Families so I have two questions on shared vaults.

1) I added a login of mine into the shared vault so that my wife has access to it. She can see it, no worries there. But, if I make changes to my main login for that item, it won’t change the shared vault item. Is the item in the shared vault a completely separate entry? If so, what’s the best way to handle a shared item when I need to make changes to it?
2) I tried to copy multiple items into a shared vault but the app and website were unable to do this. Am I only able to copy one over at a time?


  • Hi @mercuryrsng,

    Any time you copy an item it does create an entirely new and separate entry. So any changes you make to the original will not be mirrored in the new one. What we recommend is if you have an item in a shared folder that it's the only copy and that you both use it from its shared location, that way any password update for example will be instantly visible and accessible to everybody that needs it :smile:

    With the exception of the web interface 1Password ought to allow you to copy or move multiple items. Could our support page GET STARTED: Move and copy items be helpful at all here? It has steps for all the supported platforms and it may be the nudge you need to get 1Password to behave. If you're still having trouble though please do let us know and if you can say what native application(s) you use we'll ensure any suggestions are correct for that version of 1Password.

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