1Password X and Desktop App BETA Integration on PC?

Hello! Just curious about the roadmap for app/extension integration BETAs on PC now that you have them on Macs?

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hi @pilotboy172! That's a good question. We're still ironing out some kinks on the macOS side of things, and I'd expect us to begin working on Windows once we've got those resolved. As far as a timeline goes, I wouldn't be able to provide even an accurate estimate since it's hard to tell how long the remaining issues will take along with what else we'll come across while we're still testing. Be patient with us, and keep checking back! :chuffed:

  • Yep can't wait till this is available on Windows

  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    We all can't wait!
    Hopefully this will happen soon enough. :chuffed:

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

    Team Member

    I want this, too! 🙂

    I have no ETA or dates to share but I will say that this feature is at the forefronts of our minds. I'd hope you'll be able to test this in a beta before the end of (North American) summer, but summer is disappearing fast! So it may be the fall before you are able to play. Either way, we're working on it and hope to be able to share more soon.

    Thank you for reminding us how awesome this feature is and to keep us moving forward on it. 😘


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