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Have been using 1Password 6; downloaded 1Password 7 today and realize I need to create a 1Password account to then be able to migrate all of my data into the new account. Instructions say "During setup, you’ll be asked to create a Master Password. Use your existing Master Password. After you’re done creating your account, you’ll see your Home page". However, my existing password is less 10 items so I'm not able to enter my existing password as this step is requiring 10 or more items for this password. How do I work around this. I don't want to risk losing my existing data.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @dglarson

    The instruction to "use your existing Master Password" is a suggestion, rather than an order. If your existing Master Password is less than 10 characters and as such doesn't meet the requirements then obviously you cannot do that. We have a guide that may help in picking an appropriate password here:

    How to choose a good Master Password | 1Password

    Having a different Master Password from the one you're currently using doesn't affect the migration process, but it does make it that much more critical that you delete the "Primary" vault from each device when the process is complete. The app should walk you through that, but if not there are instructions in our migration guide:

    Please note that the "Primary" vault should be deleted from each device once your data has been migrated. :) I hope that helps!


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