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Hello. I am trying out 1Password because of its haveibeenpwned integration. I noticed something. The Windows program does have a option to run a breach report like it does when you login through the site. Does it suppose to have that option in the program? When I run a breach report when logged in through the site it only checks the email address I used to sign up for 1Password. I thought with 1Password it would run a breach report on all emails not just the one. Is it suppose to check all emails or do I have manually check each email address I use for logins? Thank you.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Bobbyj

    Thanks for the feedback on this. At present that report is only available through the web UI. As for the multiple email address situation... I ran into the same thing since I tend to use a unique email address for each service for privacy and anti-spam reasons. We’d like to expand this in the future, but we’re only able to check against email addresses we have verified that you own. At the moment the only address we have verified is the one registered to your 1Password account.


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