I'm set up. Not clear how to let 1Password access websites.

I use Edge on a PC. Your app lets me enter info on websites, banks, etc, but when I click, I just get to the usual websites and have to fill in ID's and passwords. I am not getting a prompt from 1Pass to protect passwords. I paid for your app but am wasting hours without the most baasic instructions on getting some value from your website. How about some basic info- how to take an existing website (Amazon, for instance) and sign in with greater security than I already have. How do I know you have the password and that it is protected or encrypted or whatever, and that it is usable when I want to sign in?

1Password Version: app says up to date.
Extension Version: Not availabe. Says installed
OS Version: Windows 10 updated
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:Impossible app. Tormenting. I can pay, and set it up, but cannot see how it works


  • Greetings @JHShaw,

    I'd like to start by listing a couple of useful support pages that will likely prove informative with these questions.

    1. Use the 1Password extension to save and fill passwords on your Mac or Windows PC.
    2. Turn off the built-in password manager in your browser.
    3. Change your passwords and make them stronger.

    The first covers how the extension works for saving and filling, two core features that if not working would greatly diminish 1Password's usefulness. The second is about how to ensure any filling is being performed by 1Password and not by the browser. This is mostly about safeguarding against potential confusion that can arise if more than one data source is active.

    Once a person is confident 1Password is working and you've added a few sites to 1Password you will want to start thinking about creating stronger, unique passwords which is where the third link may help.

    If you have details stored in a 1Password vault then they are encrypted, it's impossible for them not to be. As long as you can unlock 1Password they will always be accessible, even if you're having trouble with the extension. While not as convenient copy and paste means even if filling isn't working for any reason you're never locked out of any accounts you store in 1Password.

    The pages can also serve a second purpose. If you still have questions they can act as a good reference point for framing the questions. So if they don't help or if I misunderstood please let us know.

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