Feature Request: Shortcuts (with Parameters) for API Key Usage [No plans, currently]

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Hi everyone!

As a heavy user of Shortcuts I have a lot of API keys which are currently stored as passwords in 1Password, and in text files in iCloud Drive - the latter unfortunately is lacking in security. This setup is so that I can grab my API key in any Shortcut that needs it (for example I do a lot of things with AirTable, and that needs the API key).

What I would love to see is a 1Password shortcut step which lets me specify which API key I want (and the URL perhaps), and when I run the whole Shortcut it briefly pushes me to 1Password, authenticates me (with Face ID most likely) and then sends me back to Shortcuts with the password (API key in this case).

My understanding from reading the documentation and talking to people is that Shortcuts is much more secure than URL schemes were, but it might be advisable to have a setting in 1Password to explicitly turn this on before which no Shortcut actions show up.

I wonder if anyone else would consider this useful? I'm sure if you asked in the Shortcuts subreddit the consensus would be in favour, but this is the 1Password forums!

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OS Version: iOS 13
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  • Hi @RosemaryOrchard,

    So I personally haven't seen any other posts on this topic and I can't find anything filed on this topic in terms of a feature request. That doesn't mean it doesn't have merit, just that we may not have seen much demand yet. What I would say is normally we do like to stay on top of what macOS or iOS gives us if it's useful and we can do so securely.

    I haven't tried out the iOS 13 betas yet, I've only got one device eligible to try them but as my primary device I'm not adventurous enough at the moment. I believe Shortcuts have been given a big boost over the current capabilities, is that the case?

  • I believe Shortcuts have been given a big boost over the current capabilities, is that the case?

    Absolutely! The key new features which enable this request are parameters - the ability for 1Password (or any app) to ask for specific inputs, and return values - so you can give something back without using the clipboard (which might be considered insecure).

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    That's what I was thinking. Yeah, we do prefer to avoid the clipboard, if possible. There may be some cool things we can do with this in the future. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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